Conference for Multi-State Providers, Southbury, Connecticut, July 16-17, 2013

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If you use Therap in multiple states, this is an incredible opportunity to meet with similar providers and key Therap staff in a small group setting in Connecticut.
There is no cost to attend, Therap provides the conference lunch and snacks.
It is a one room meeting style conference so we limit attendees to two people per agency.  This will be our third meeting with the previous two having been very positively received.
If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact me.
Hotel details and a preliminary schedule are […]
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Therap Multi-State Provider Quality Assurance Conference

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Following on from the success of Therap’s Multi-State Provider Billing Conference, Therap will be holding its first Multi State Provider Quality Assurance Conference on November 28th and 29th In Southbury, Connecticut
This conference will address the unique needs and challenges faced by multi-state organizations.  These include:
  • Implementing Organizational Goals across multiple states
  • Working across multiple regulatory systems
  • Reporting on and aggregating data from multiple accounts
  • Implementing Therap to ensure quality and compliance but also encourage local knowledge and expertise
  • Conforming […]

Therap Conference on Multi-State Quality Assurance, Southbury, Connecticut, November 28-29, 2012

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Following on from our very successful Multi-State Billing Conference, we will be holding a Multi-State Quality Assurance Conference in Southbury, Connecticut on November 28th and 29th, 2012.

We invite Quality Assurance leaders from Muliti-State providers to join us for discussions surrounding how to collect, monitor, and aggregate data across multiple regulatory systems.

You can sign up to attend here

Any questions, let us know


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Therap Multi-State Billing Conference in Southbury, Connecticut

We are well into our first National Multi-State Provider Conference and it’s proving to be very successful indeed.  So successful in-fact that we are already looking forward to future conferences.

At this conference our core focus has been on billing, looking at what we do just now and also what new states and functionality we can add to be able to do more electronic claims submission.

As well as this though we have been looking at other processes and situations that are common to multi-state providers.  

Based on this, I’m thinking that our next Multi-State Provider Conference wil probably be back here in Connecticut in Early December and focussed on Quality Assurance.

There will be much more information to come on this, let […]

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