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I am very excited (and more than a little bit proud) to announce that Nebraska has now joined the Therap group of states.  Along with Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, and New Mexico, Nebraska is going to be implementing Therap on a state wide basis.
This is obviously a very big project, but we’ll be getting off to a flying start by implementing state wide incident reporting with Therap’s General Event Reports over the coming weeks.  Shortly after that we will be working on Individualized Budgets.
If you are a current Therap customer, look for an email from Jeff or give us a call to talk about how this impacts you (and all the […]
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Thursday in Omaha, Nebraska with Mosaic

Logo of MOSAIC

Jim and I spent an excellent (though incredibly chilly) day with the fine folks from Mosaic in Omaha, Nebraska.  I am very excited to announce that Mosaic nationally will be joining the ever expanding Therap family.

They join Dungarvin and other multi-state and national providers who are seeing how Therap can save them money and help the communicate and improve quality across a wide range of states and services.

The preparation that Mosaic have done already is very impressive and bodes well for a great implementation and a relationship that I look forward to seeing flourish over the coming years.

:: Justin ::

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From the town of Lincoln, Nebraska…

It may have been a bit an adventure getting here, (my bags got here just in time for me to come home!) but Jeff and I spent a great day here in Lincoln and I now know much more than I used to about Nebraska.

100624 Lincoln, Nebraska (2)100624 Lincoln, Nebraska (6)
Did you know that Nebraska is the only state in the union whose legislature is in a single house?
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