Another fine day in Kathmandu

Today we split up and Shawon and Priyanka went back to work some more with NFD on setting up their account and starting to use Therap while Richard and I went off to meet some other people.

We started by meeting with the Nepal Association for the Blind who do a wide range of advocacy and skills teaching and even have their own computer lab.

We then met the association for people with intellectual disabilities at one of their schools. What was particularly impressive here was that they instantly saw the benefits of using Therap to help them keep track of the people that they support from early childhood through to their adult life. It is […]

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Monday night in Kathmandu

Kathmandu 002

After such a productive day we took a quick jaunt into town for some shopping and dinner.

I love to haggle (my family hates to watch, so this time they were safe) but it just means that it takes so long and you never end up buying anything as you are always convinced that you are about to pay way too much!

This is a wonderful vibrant city, but with the four of us crammed into a tiny taxi, getting about can be mildly alarming!

Yak Yak Yak Yeti Yak

:: Justin ::

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What a tremendous day in Kathmandu

Today was really exciting for many reasons:

1. I’m in Kathmandu – that’s pretty exciting!

2. We were setting up a new customer – that’s always exciting!

3. T-Logs are the answer to a bunch of issues for an agency in Nepal – unexpectedly exciting!

4. People in Nepal can see their organizations reaping many of the same benefits as agencies in the US from using Therap – is this a cool world or what?

5. I walked into the National Federation of the Disabled – Nepal (NFD-N) with one idea of what they needed and what we could do to help, but by working together we solved more, bigger issues – I’m running out of superlatives!

It was just the best kind […]

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Monday morning in Kathmandu

Nepal 023

In all the excitement (and tiredness) or blogging about the folks I met with last night, I forgot to mention the views as we flew into Kathmandu from Dhaka.

WOW! :-)

Seeing the Himalayas rising up through the clouds is something that I won’t quickly forget, to the terraced fields in the valleys of Nepal.

Click on the photo above to go to Flickr and see more

This morning I am off to learn much more about the needs and the provision of services for people with disabilities in Nepal.

More later…

:: Justin ::

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Greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal

I have thought for quite some time that I have the best job in the world. It is days like today that remind me quite how sure I am of that!

Having been in Dhaka for a couple of days Richard and I took the hour or so flight to Kathmandu.

Tonight we met and had dinner with the President and staff of the National Federation of the Disabled – Nepal, an umbrella organization for disability groups and providers across Nepal. Over the next two days we will be meeting more with them and with some of their member organizations as we begin to set them up in Therap.

:: Justin ::

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