Justin and Sazzad attending the Buffalo, New York User Group

Therap Applications for State and County offices to monitor the support effort in the region


Sazzad and I have a very busy week coming up.  It all kicks off in Buffalo, New York on April 5th when we will be attending a New York User Group Meeting (click on the link to learn more) being hosted by Community Services for the Developmentally Disabiled.

From there we are off to Lincoln, Nebraska to start work on some exciting new projects there and we’ll finish off the trip with some meetings in Bismark, North Dakota.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Therapverse!

:: Justin ::

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Developmental disability services in the news in New York

There has been a lot of talk about the developmental disability system and OPWDD in the news in New York recently.  In particular, this past weekend there were significant articles in the New York Times and the Poughkeepsie Journal.

This is how a memo from NYSACRA described it:

This past week, the developmental disabilities sector has received attention in the press; the most serious article related to abuse in the state-operated system appeared on the front cover of yesterday’s  New York Times. OPWDD Acting Commissioner Courtney Burke has reached out to all stakeholders, including NYSACRA, and will host a timely phone meeting this afternoon. We believe the press coverage will have certain ramifications for […]

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New York User Groups

Just a reminder to our New York users that a user group meeting will be near you at some point soon. Here is a calendar of when and where these events are being held. Please follow the link to go to our home page and register. Bring a friend or an agency you work with who is not a Therap customer. If one of these times and places are not convenient, call Kevin and he can set up an alternative time and place for you. See you soon.


Date/ Sign Up Hosting Agency Location Agency Website
03/16/2011 ARC of Schuyler 203 Twelfth Street Watkins Glen, NY 14891 www.arcofschuyler.org
04/05/2011 Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled 180 Oak Street, Buffalo, NY 14203
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Therap interfacing with OPWDD's IRMA Incident Reporting System

Picture of OPWDD from queenscp.org

This morning I had the pleasure of talking to the folks at New York’s OPWDD about their IRMA incident reporting system and being able to take data directly from Therap and upload it into IRMA.

The first version of this which we will have ready as soon as IRMA is ready to receive it will work something like this:

  • Complete General Event Reports in Therap as usual including the OPWDD 147
  • Click a button that downloads a special XML file from Therap
  • Log into IRMA
  • Upload the file to IRMA
  • Receive a report back confirming acceptance

One of the nice things about building this interface is that because we can already generate an OPWDD 147 Incident […]

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A few updates

We have added two new set of State Specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  You can find them as follows:

North Dakota FAQs

New Mexico FAQs

We also updated a bunch of New York forms to comply with the latest OPWDD guidance.

Finally, there was another update to Therap for States (1.0.7 for those of you keeping score at home)

:: Justin ::


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Come and meet Therap around New York

Graphics of Therap Information Session's for New York in November

Your friend and mine, Kevin Lightle will be hosting a series of Therap Information Session across the great State of New York in November.

We will be having sessions in Buffalo on November 3rd, Syracuse on November 10th, and Elmira on November 16th

You can sign up here for the chance to meet, listen to, and have discussions with Therap staff, other Therap users and other agencies interested in electronic documentation.

Graphics of Sign up to know about the Documentation Software Solution for Developmental Disabilities Support Providers

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Therap :: Meeting deadlines in New York and New Mexico

Screenshot of Dashboard showing Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool

For folks in New Mexico, we are very excited to announce the production release of the eCHAT (Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool).   This is a very though and dynamic health assessment.  

New Mexico providers can check their page for support materials and timing requirements.

We are still looking for a few non-New Mexico beta testers. If you are interested, get in touch.


Screenshot of ISP Plan

In New York, OPWDD announced (11 days ago) changes to the ISP format as of October 1st.  We have it for you today, just click the link at the bottom of  your ISP Plan.  You’ll also find a new MSC […]

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Lots going on in New York

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There is a lot going on in the world of documentation in New York right now.
in order to savings in the Medicaid Service Coordination program, OPWDD has instituted a whole bunch of changes in regulations and form for ISPs, MSC Monthly Notes, Billing Documentation Requirements and more.
One place to find out about these changes is on OPWDD’s Website.
Of course everyone always has their own way of interpreting exactly what each of these changes mean.  To make sure we are all on the same page, we […]
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Changes to Medicaid Service Coordination in New York

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OPWDD in New York recently released the following “Important Information Regarding Changes to OPWDD Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC)Effective October 1, 2010“.

You can read this along with other important missives in our Help and Support area.

Here at Therap, we will, of course, be reviewing these to be sure that we can help our customers comply.

Remember, if you come across information we should know about changing regulations, be sure to send it in.

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