Therap’s 2015 National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Theraps Team The Therap team meeting before the 2015 National Conference.

This year’s national conference was a huge success. It was our biggest ever. In fact, we had more Therap staff at the conference than there were attendees at our very first National Conference in
Southbury, Connecticut.

While it was a bit of a squeeze getting everyone into the opening plenary session, I thought that the hotel did a great job of coping with so many people.

I was particularly excited to see quite so many people from South Carolina show up as we move closer to our first stage of going live there.

I think the highlight for me though was the amount of positive […]

OTAC Seeking Feedback on the Oregon ISP in Therap

Today OTAC staff kick off a round of gathering feedback from ISP process users who have tested the draft Oregon ISP in Therap.We want to hear your feedback. Have you tried the draft Oregon Comprehensive ISP in Therap? Share your feedback with us.

An Informational Memorandum was distributed by SPD in August explaining that Therap customers may now access the Oregon ISP in Therap to review it and offer feedback. Some Therap customers are applying for a variance to implement the […]

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Monday in Portland, Oregon

Thanksgiving (6)

It’s an age since I last blogged.  I hope you all had a tremendous thanksgiving, I know I did!  Lots of family and lots of good food, doesn’t get much better than that.

This is the start of a two week odysee for me as I visit with folks around the country seeing some of the amazing things that folks are doing with Therap and building tools that will truely change the world for people with developmental disabilities and the folks who support them.

Today I am in Portland, Oregon with Anna for a meeting to discuss bringing the Oregon ISP into Therap.  It’s going to be […]

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A quick trip to the left coast

I have been slacking a but recently on the blogging front.  One reason is a bit of a crazy travel schedule!

I spent Monday in Easter talking to the folks ag Linn County in Oregon as well as the State of Oregon Licensing Department, both of whom are doing some very cool things harnessing the power of Therap.

Then it was off up to Seattle (I finally got to drive the highway to Olympia, WA)

Tuesday I was meeting with another great group of people, this time in Bremerton, WA which meant I got to take the ferry to work.  Does it get any better than that?

I really liked Seattle, looking forward to an excuse to come back.

Enjoy the photos:

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Working with Licensing in Oregon


We are very excited about the number of Oregon agencies that we have using Therap.  Over the past few years, Anna and Allison have been up and down the highways or Oregon setting up and training folks.  

One of the significant impacts of this is that now, when surveyors from The DD Licensing Unit of the Office of Licensing and Quality of Care come out to do their surveys, more and more of the data and records that they need to look at are on Therap.  This means that surveyors need a log in into each provider making for lots of extra work for provider administrators and many, many accounts for the surveyors to remember.

Over the past few months, […]

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Vote for PCL!


Our friends at Partnerships in Community Living in Salem, Oregon sent this over.

Take a look and as they say, vote early and vote often!

Hello everyone,

Many of you already know that we recently submitted a video to the Dell Mobility Challenge.  The idea of this challenge was to highlight the ways in which companies could use mobile technology to increase productivity.

We have now entered the “Public Voting” phase of the Dell Mobility Challenge.  This is our opportunity to win $50,000 worth of Dell products.  We need as many people as possible to vote for our video.  In return for voting you get entered into weekly drawings to win a dell laptop. (From Dell)

To vote go to the following link:

Click on […]

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Exciting times ahead in Oregon



On Friday I paid a flying visit to Oregon and along with Anna attended a meeting with a bunch of folks from  The State of Oregon and OTAC.

There were a number of things on the agenda, but primarily we talked about three things:

  1. Developing the OTAC ISP forms within Therap – We will be working on this over the coming months
  2. Helping agencies who use Therap (and those who don’t) collaborate in the ISP process
  3. Working with Therap customers and State of Oregon licensing surveyors work together and share information.

All of these are very exciting for the whole developmental disability community in Oregon and we’re looking forward to many more discussions and moving things forward.

Look out for much more on all of […]

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A quick visit to Oregon

For photos out a plane window taken with a phone, I thought these were pretty good!

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with Anna in gorgeous Oregon this week.  The only downside was that we were so busy meeting people that I didn’t get to do much, if any, sightseeing.

I did though do a training for a group of state surveyors who are coming across Therap in more and more places.  they were very receptive to learning more about how Therap works and how they can better do their job working with our customers.  Remember, if you would ever like us to come out and do a training for your surveyors, just let me know.

A bunch of […]

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