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Proud Dad Post #472

Catching up on other things that have happened while I was blogless…

A couple of summers ago, Iona was interning at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory outside Pasadena, California.  While she was there she was working on a satellite called SMAP (Soil Moisture Active Passive)).  Click here for much more about what is a very important mission.

Well, she got invited to go back to California to watch it launch.  It was an incredible adventure probably best told in her own words (Source:

During the summer of 2013 I interned at JPL, working on integration and testing for a satellite called SMAP – Soil Moisture Active Passive. Today, I was lucky enough to see the […]

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Ithaca is Gorges

Yesterday it was time to go up to Cornell and pick up all Iona’s stuff (and quite a lot of it there was too!).  She doesn’t come home for another week as she if off on a residential leadership course.  Between getting kicked out of her room and leaving for the course we had time for exploring one of Ithaca’s many waterfalls.

A bird Flowers

Juslin and Iona in Ithaca’s waterfall. Ithaca’s waterfall.

Ithaca’s waterfall. Ithaca’s waterfall.

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Marching through New York

On Saturday I spent a tremendous day following Iona around Manhattan.

The day started at Columbia.  I have looked down on their stadium many times driving over the Henry Hudson Bridge.  The view looking back is rather cool.  The Cornell University Big Red Marching Band (the only real marching band in the Ivy League – just in case you hadn’t heard) played their pre-game concert on the shores of the Hudson.

The game itself (the newly named “Empire State Bowl”) was great for 59 minutes and 20 seconds!  Much better though was the half-time show!

Then it was off to the city for the Sy Katz Parade where the afore mentioned band marches down 5th Avenue from St Patrick’s Cathedral to the Cornell […]

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Eyes with Pride

UMass Band Day

There are probably two major influences behind my daughter Iona’s decision to go to Cornell.

First would be the love of engineering inspired by FIRST Robotics.

The next would be the fact that Cornell prides itself in being the only Ivy League university with a real marching band.

While it may have been other kids and the music teachers at Wolcott High School who encouraged her to first pick up a drum, a saxophone and a baton, it was without doubt George N Parks who inspired her to take it to the next level.

Tragically, Mr Parks (Director of the UMASS Band and the Drum Major […]

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She's Leaving Home part 2

Iona moving into CornellIona moving into CornellIona moving into CornellIona moving into Cornell


Last night Michele and I drove up to Ithaca (I’m getting good at that drive) and had my starting-to-get-traditional Ithaca Indian meal (there’s a great restaurant just down from the Holiday Inn).

This morning we drove up to the campus (very slowly as the traffic was more like rush hour Manhattan) to collect Iona who was returning from a week of hiking and climbing in the Catskills and took her to find her room.

Everyone around was very helpful and cheery and […]

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She's leaving home (part 2)

100813 Cornell (2)100813 Cornell (12)100813 Cornell (10)100813 Cornell (9)

After spending the night in Ithaca (tremendously friendly Holiday Inn and a great Indian Restaurant), this morning I drove up her up to the Cornell campus.  Every time we go there we are more impressed by how beautiful.  According to Therap policy, we got there way to early so drove around and found where she will be living (a program house called “Just About Music).

Then all of a sudden it was time to meet up with her guides for a week of hiking […]

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She's leaving home (part 1)

Today, Iona and I drove up to Ithaca to start her university career at Cornell.  She doesn’t officially get started until next week (and we’ll be back up with all her stuff to move her in then) but to kick things off she is going on a week long hiking trip in the Catskills with a bunch of other freshmen.

Her sister Siraya misses her already!

It was quite a day in terms of making me feel old.  Calum and I spent forever at DMV this morning getting him his permit.  This weekend will start the scary process of teaching him to drive.

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Did you follow Iona and Danica's trip to Maine?

If you’ve been paying attention to the Customer Support Blog (as I am sure you all have) you’ll have followed Iona and Danica‘s first business trip.

They went with Deb to see a number of Therap users in Maine as part of their project to update the user guide.
They seem to have been able to take in quite a bit of the wonders of the state at the same time.
Did you work out what was going on with their post titles?
:: Justin ::
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Iona's Graduation from Wolcott High School

Last night was Iona’s graduation from Wolcott High School.  Having not grown up here this was my first inside experience of an American High School graduation (as far as I can remember, we were just told not to let the door hit us on the way out).

Here’s how our local paper The Waterbury Republican-American described it:

Wolcott graduates told to keep pride in its place



WOLCOTT — Calling it the best class to graduate from Wolcott High School in years, Iona Brockie warned her fellow graduates not to let themselves become vain.

The salutatorian, who will at­tend Cornell University in the fall, congratulated her class­mates on their triumphs and well-earned class pride, with a caveat on the pitfalls of arro­gance.

She […]

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