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I'm Gonna Learn How to Fly…

Well, I finally got home from North Dakota (only a day late!), but thankfully in time to make it to see the Wolcott High School Student Theatre production of Fame.

The show was absolutely tremendous with all the kids doing an amazing job.  In the middle of it was Iona what was conducting the pit orchestra (I have a feeling she's going to wake up with sore arms!

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(still) The most beautiful girl in the world!


It's that time of year again which is only exaggerated by Iona being a senior at Wolcott High School.

Seems like every night there is another banquet or awards ceremony.

Tonight though it was prom.  It's always so cool to see all the kids dressed up to the 9s.

And in Wolcott, CT this is about as close as you get to mass transit!

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Iona's new home

Actually I hear the dairy bar itself is moving, but we did receive the very exciting news today that Iona was accepted into Cornell’s School of Engineering Class of 2014!

Congratulations Iona, very proud of you!

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Thanksgiving in Wolcott

Today was the traditional annual Thanksgiving Wolcott High School Marching Band show.

To add to the fun, they put a football game on either side of it.

Today’s was a big one too with both teams looking to get to state playoffs.  I think the entire population of Wolcott was inside the high school!  It was a great atmosphere, though unfortunately we ended up losing.

This is Iona’s senior year, so we were paraded onto the field before the game and got to watch her and the band do an amazing performance of four Beatles songs including conducting by Iona and a solo by Calum.

We only took an hour of video and 500+ photos, so […]

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Yale Physics Olympics

Wolcott High School physics team in Yale Physics Olympics

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be elected designated driver for the Wolcott High School physics team (who knew physics was a competitive sport?).  So I headed down with Iona, her physics teacher, and a bunch of other would be physicists to join in the festivities at Yale (in New Haven, CT)

Yale Physics OlympicsYale Physics OlympicsYale Physics Olympics

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Saturday at UMass Band Day

On Saturday I headed out with Michele, Iona, Calum and the Wolcott High School and Tyrrell Middle School Marching Bands to Band Day at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  There we joined with 2000 or more other band members from all over New England.

It was really quite a site to watch that many kids be organized into a band ready to put on a Half Time show at the evening’s football game.  The whole thing is directed by George Parks (of Drum Major Academy fame).

UMass Band Day

After  3 hours of practice, we had a fine dinner, dressed up, and headed out to the field.

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She Grew Up

Iona on driving sit.

Today marks the six month anniversary of Iona getting her driver’s license.

In Connecticut that means she can now drive her brother (no non-family members for another six months)

The rules for teen drivers are very strict following a series of horrible accidents involving teen drivers (including one in Wolcott). 

I for one completely support the rules, but it is wonderful that she can now drive Calum to swimming!

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Prom Time Again!

This week as Senior Prom, to which Iona was invited by fellow band and robotics geek Adma.

In all the hopla it should be noted how well the Dads match! (I went one step further and had light blue paint on my sandals!)

 090530 Senior Prom (134) by you.

You can click on the photo to see a few more!

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Yet another proud parent post…

It was a pretty good day today to be a Brockie parent.

At lunchtime Michele and I went with Iona (along with two of her teachers and her principle) to the 2009 Connecticut Governor’s Scholars Luncheon.

090521 Governors Scholar Luncheon (30) by you.

This really was quite an honor.  Iona was selected as one of 30 high school students from across Connecticut first nominated by their schools and then judged based on an essay.

Then, this evening it was the Spring Band Concert, complete with a bunch of solos.  Iona was tremendous playing Gabriel’s Oboe (from The Mission), then Calum played his trumpet in the Mariachi band, […]

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