Looking back at the 2012 Therap National Conference

Now that I have (almost) recovered from three days of intense Therap-ing it’s quite remarkable to look back on what went on.

I think probably the most remarkable thing is how little I was personally involved in.  With 16 sessions running in parallel it just wasn’t possible.  What I did hear though as I walked the corridors was how impressed everyone was with the level and quality of presentations both by Therap staff and Therap users.  Several times I heard from my colleagues (and the same would be true for myself) that they had learned things from the attendees at a session.

There are now many, many people at Therap conferences who know more about Excel and pivot tables than I do! […]

Well, that was very cool

As our 2012 National Conference draws to a close, I yet again am incredibly impressed by both our staff and our customers.

There has been so much learning going on over the last 3 days I think the must be synapses exploding all over the place!

We are all very happy and very tired!

Thanks to everyone who made this such a success.

:: Justin ::

Day One at Therap's National Conference

120217 PA Conference (2)

Ken, Jeff, and Barry prove how good the they are at folding laundry!

Picture of Therap's National Conference

Gathering for the plenary session

What a great day we had to kick things off.  It’s quite remearkable to see how many people are here and how enthusiastic they are about Therap.

I get most excited when I see groups of people getting together and networking.  It’s been very cool to see our state administrators comparing notes and swapping tips on how to make Therap even better in their next of the woods.

:: Justin ::

Getting started in New Jersey


Today we had our internal meetings leading up to the National Conference.  Looking out over all our staff here is really exciting, there are almost as many Therap people here as we had attendees at our first National Conference.

It’s a little odd setting into a new hotel after our years in Fishkill, but the Ramada staff here in East Hanover, NJ have been great and made us feel very welcome.

We have over 300 people showing up in advance of tomorrow’s kickoff!  There’s going to be a lot of Theraping going on (not to mention a little Stu’s Quiz Boxes!)

:: Justin ::

Coming to New Jersey?

If you are coming to our National Conference next week (and I certainly hope you are) and you are arriving on Monday, be sure to look for us and say hi.

We’ll be in the hotel all day for some internal meetings (we’re so virtual and distributed that this is about the only time we all get together).

We should be done by 4 o’clock, so if you are around after that, we’d love to get together and talk Therap.

:: Justin ::

Hotel Rooms for Therap's National Conference

Ramada Conference Center East Hanover/Parsippany in East Hanover, New Jersey  


As a sign of how much people are looking forward to our National Conference, the conference hotel (the Ramada in East Hanover, NJ) is now full.

We have arranged to have the same rate available at the Holiday Inn in Parsippany, NJ ( 973-263-2000) and there will be a shuttle running between the two in the morning and afternoon.

If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, what are you waiting for?

Any Questions,  get in touch!

:: Justin ::

Two Weeks to Therap National Conference in New Jersey

Therap’s National Conference is taking place in two weeks, from February 7-9, 2012. If you are thinking about attending and haven’t registered yet, this would be the time to do it.

Like the previous national conferences, our sales and support teams, along with executive members and software engineers will be there to closely interact with administrators – people managing the Therap’s electronic documentation and reporting system for care providers all across the United States.

The three-day event will give us an opportunity to see where we are, what we have achieved, and what more we can do for the future.

User Presentations at the Therap National Conference

User Presentations:


At the upcoming National Conference for Provider Administrators, we are looking forward to some fine presentations from professionals from the industry across the country. We are still receiving a lot of presentation ideas, so check back from time to time for updates.
You can also download this list.

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