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Those of you who have been keeping an eye on the National Conference Schedule may have noticed our curiously named Day Two Plenary Session.

(This is probably a good time to remind those of you who are presenting to check the schedule and make sure that you can find yourself, you are available, and I have your session correct)

Following on from the success of our Oracle presentation last year we are continuing to bring you information and insight into the technology that makes Therap special.

Sometimes I think that people forget that when they are subscribing to Therap, they are not only getting an amazing application and the […]

Therap National Conference Schedule Updated

Register NowWe have published the lastest schedule for our National Conference  (It’s dated January 8th and available here).

This should be pretty close to final, but be sure to keep checking back as there are always late adjustments.

We have twelve simultaneous sessions ranging from informational lectures, to guest speakers, to discussions with other users, to brainstorming with the smartest programmers in the world.the best 

I am really excited about the sessions we are able to offer you, especially those presented by Therap users from around the county.

Check out our User Presentations Catalog here.

For those of you smart enough to have signed up already, we have also posted directions to the conference.

For those of you […]

Upcoming conferences

We are now heading into the fall conference season.  Be sure to sign up for the conference nearest you.

Also, remember that our National Conference in Febrary offers sessions and interactions that are not available anywhere else.

We are still accepting calls for presentations too!

Upcoming Conferences

Looking back on the 2011 Therap National Provider Admin Conference

Therap Presentation at Therap National Provider Admin Conference

Here are a whole series of thoughts.  Over the coming days I will try and expand on them and talk more about the new stuff that folks not lucky enough to be at Fishkill missed.

  • One day (and that day had better be our next conference) we will have a hotel where the internet access can cope with the needs of the folks we have attending.  Sorry for any frustration you may have experienced, enormous thanks to Bart from Ulster-Greene for all the work he did getting what access we did have.
  • What an incredible bunch of folks we had in attendance.  So many people came up to […]
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Fishkill :: Day Two

Original Picture is Unavailable

Day two of the Provider Administrator Conference was a huge success.  Huge is probably the most apt description in terms of the number of people here, the size and quality of the ideas, and over scope and quality of the conversations that are going on.

We started off with a presentation from the folks at Oracle and Sun about what it really means to be using top of the line industrial strength hardware, software, and infrastructure.  There are reasons why your data is safest in our database.

We also had the pleasure of welcome back to the Therapverse (we’re just to big to stay within the city limits of Therapville these days) our […]

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Fishkill :: Day One

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As you can see from the photo above there are a lot of people here in Fishkill (more than 275 signed up!) and things are off to a flying start!

I love walking past groups of people getting into deep discussions about T-Logs and ISP Data, or desperate to see the new alpha version of MAR Scheduling.

I also never cease to be inpressed by how warm, welcoming, cooperative and smart Therap users are.

It is such a joy and a honour to be here

:: Justin ::

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Keep up to date with the Therap Provider Administrator Conference

Graphic of Provider AdminsNational Provider Admin Conference
Feb 8- 10, Ramada, Fishkill, New York
Come and enjoy three days of exciting sessions with the Therap staff, trainers, and also people from across the country who has been using Therap. Its a great opportunity for prospective and existing users to learn about the system, and also the developmental disability industry at large.
Animated Graphic for National conference

Fishkill in the palm of your hand

At our National Provider Administrator Conference, we will be launching our new Mobile Conference Application.  This is something we tested last year in Oregon and you can now see in its full glory.

Any web accessible phone or device will be able access it and you can even set up a cute little icon on your screen:

Original Picture is Unavailable

Then you will see our main menu:

Original Picture is Unavailable

and as much as you want to know about what is going on:

Original Picture is Unavailable

Original Picture is Unavailable

Then if you have comments you can share them with the rest of the conference […]

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