Happy 5th Birthday Siraya

Little Siraya


This is one of my favourite photos of all time and goes back to our first conference and when Siraya was very wee indeed.

Picture of Siraya

Now, here we are five years later and not only is she a great big kidergartener, but her new, accessible bathroom is moving towards completion.

Siraya's Bathroom

Happy Birthday Siraya!


:: Daddy ::

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Not so special equipment

We have been looking for ages for a way to give Siraya a safe environment to play and explore on her own.  When you look through special needs and educational catalogs, they have all sorts of padding and soft play (in fact we have some already!) but they cost thousands of dollars.

Last week we met a new OT at Connecticut Childrens’ Medical Center who said why not try a bouncy castle.  So, for less than $300 we did and all of a sudden Siraya became the coolest kid in the neighboorhood and is loving it!

Here it is coming to life.

Justin and Siraya

I’m sure that I’m under the 100lb weight limit!

:: Justin ::

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Happy 4th Birthday Siraya


It’s been quite a year for our Siraya, so this is a great time to sit back an smile as much as she is just now while wishing her a very happy 4th birthday!

It’s also a great time to reflect on how lucky we are to have all the folks around us: neighbours, friends, family,  doctors, teachers, therapists and many more who have not only supported Siraya through some pretty rough patches, but have supported us too.

Thanks to everyone!

Happy Birthday Siraya!

Love you!

:: Daddy ::



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Siraya's Groovy New Wheels

We are the very excited recipients of an accessible van for Siraya to cruise around town in.  No more will we have to take her (equally groovy) stroller apart and lug it into the back of the car.  Now she can really ride in style!

new accessible van for SirayaSiraya's New Vannew accessible van for Sirayanew accessible van for Siraya


You can click on the pictures for bigger versions (the second two are actually videos)

The van came from Jason and Christian and the very fine folks at Advanced Wheels […]

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Another reason everyone should use Therap


Firstly, if you haven’t had an email or phone call returned by me in the last few days, please accept my apologies, it’s been rather nuts around here.  Remember, any time you need help, you can can the office or check out Live Help.

It’s been an interesting week in the Brockie household, most of it based around Siraya (though Michele has been doing here best to add to the fun).  We’ve spent most of our time since Thursday in doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and for the last two days, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  We have dealt with a whole bunch of truly wonderful people including […]

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Who's the coolest kid in town?

SIraya's Groovy Ipod by you.

As many of you may know, I am a lover of toys and gadgets.  I am now working hard to give Siraya the same obsession.  She’s a huge music fan and extremely fussy about what she listens to.  Interestingly, her favorites change over time and there’s no telling when The Singing Kettle just won’t cut it any more and you have to move onto Joseph or an Australian singing about kangaroos on Old MacDonald’s Farm!

Given this obvious display of choice making (and the fact that she never goes anywhere without her Ipod – just like any other self-respecting 2 year old!) we […]

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Start 'em young!

Following in the tradition of many other Brockie’s (and countless others afflicted with the addiction that is Heart of Midlothian Football Club), Siraya has now joined in with her own Hearts stip!


I doesn’t get much cuter than that does it?

As a reminder, here are a few more of us in similar attire (though probably not as cute!)

Justin, Iona and Calum.

:: Justin ::

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Brand New Cadillac

Siraya's Stroller.

While we were busy doing the things one does on Boxing Day, the fine folks from Connecticut Rehab were delivering Siraya’s new stroller.  If you ever need equipment, Kerry Sheltra’s your guy! (Tell him Siraya sent you!)

We’d already had a couple of appointments at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to measure and then fit her for it.

It really is rather cool and should grow with her for some time to come.  The interesting thing is collapsing it and getting it into Michele’s car!

I’m sure there will be many more pictures of it in action.

Happy Boxing Day!

:: Justin ::

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