Happy Days in Metsville

I was introduced to the New York Mets in 1985, my first summer working at the Southampton Fresh Air Home.  The Mets were great with Gooden, Strawberry, et al and all the kids (at least the smart ones) loved them so I hopped on the bandwagon.  With a World Series the next year it seemed like I had made a pretty good choice!

Justin and Justin and Calum at Shea StadiumSiraya with Mets Tshirts

The next 30 years though haven’t always been as easy and being a Mets fan has become very much like being a Hearts fan.  In fact, even more so over the last couple of years where financial problems […]

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A Brief Sporting Interlude

Scottish Premiership 8-14-15    Screenshot_2015-08-13-08-13-20

I’m no Elias Sports Bureau, but I can’t think of a time when both Heart of Midlothian and the Mets would have topped their respective divisions this side of 1986! (great year for the Mets, painful one for Hearts).

It most likely won’t last, but I am going to enjoy it while it does!


:: Justin ::

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The Mets are having a party!


To be honest, for me it wasn’t as significant as the Cup Final win for Hearts, but this was pretty amazing.  

Fifty years and 8000 games without a no-hitter, but tonight we can, as they say, put it in the books!

Complete with a dodgy call and an amazing catch against the fence, the 8th and 9th innings were as tense as any baseball I can remember, though there did seem to be a sense that Santana wasn’t going to let this one go.

I’m glad it was a pitcher like Santana, just like those end of season games a couple of years ago where Santana seemed to win it […]

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How about those Mets!


It seems slight strange to be writing about baseball when the world cup is on, but is hard not to when the Mets are doing as well as they are just now.



What's fun about the 2010 Mets (you almost have to say the June 2010 Mets) is not just they they are winning, but they finally have some character and look like they are having fun and playing for each other.

They have managed to get rid of a bunch of the over-age, over-priced, under-achieving players and their spots have been taken either by youngsters (the Mets #1 infield is now entirely homegrown and half of it is not old enough to drink!) or by older guys relishing their chance at […]

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A Fame-ous Weekend!

Not only did I go and see Fame twice this weekend (it was even better the second time around) but I discovered something truly amazing: the Mets are actually fun to support again!

It's not just they are winning, but they are actually entertaining.  In Sunday's game against the Giants, Olli P did his usual and blew up within three innings, but there was always the thought that the Mets would fins a way back (particularly within a windy Citi Field).  The fact that they blew it after coming back is not even that big a deal, it was fun to watch!

I am even enjoying it enough that I actually went out and paid for an app for my phone! […]

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Finally a Hearts Post

As Richard noted, I haven’t posted about the Mets in ages (understandable, they were so bad it wasn’t even funny)

Haven’t posted much about Hearts either, they haven’t been much better!

However tonight something went wrong and the referee obviously didn’t understand the rules.

In the last two games against the “Old Firm” (Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers) otherwise known as the Ugly Sisters or other terms I wouldn’t use here things went according to plan.  Hearts took the lead and then lost the game in injury time.  However, tonight, in the Quarter Finals of the League Cup, Hearts went up 1-0 at Celtic Park (by a penalty no less) and then in […]

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The 9% Solution


It is a hard life being here in Connecticut, stuck between Red Sox Nation and Yankeeville.

A survey out last week found that only 9% of Nutmeggers had the sense to be Mets fans, oh well, I guess we are just the elites!

:: Justin ::

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Time for the happy recap

It’s been a while since I did a sporting post, so as I watch the Mets move towards a sweep of the Nationals it’s about time.

The football season in Scotland just ended with Hearts finishing in a very respectable 3rd position, thuse qualifying for next year’s Europa Cup.

I have grown to quite like this team, here’s why:

  1. Csaba Laszlo: He is enough to make you love any team.  The new Hearts manager talks so much that not even Richard could interupt him.  His post match interviews usually consist of one or two questions and last about half an hour.  He has also controlled Hearts’ owner in a Joe Torre – George Steinbrenner sort of […]
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Lots of Sports

Lots going on in the world of sports:

Hearts actually seem to be doing ok. Four weeks into the season they have 3 wins in 4 games and are sitting 3rd in the league. They did lose to Airdrie in the League Cup (Hearts are good at losing to Airdrie in cups so I’m not going to worry about this, I seem to remember a number of miserable trips to Hampden). The new manager seems to have the team actually playing reasonably nice football (though a few more goals wouldn’t go amiss). Now all we need is for our mad owner to step in and ruin everything.

Mets: Where Hearts can’t get […]

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