From Newark to Newark

Another great day in Delaware today.  Lots of training, catching up with old friends and meeting new people.

We started the day in Newark, Delaware (pronounced newARK) and ended up close to Newark, New Jersey (pronounced NEWerk).  How a non-local is supposed to know these things I have no idea!

The coolest thing today was checking into the hotel tonight and discovering that the chap behind the desk was from Trinidad and Tobago.  I’ll be joining him in cheering his countrymen on tomorrow against England!

:: Justin ::

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BBC Guidelines for the 2006 World Cup

TO celebrate the start of the 2006 World Cup I thought I would share with you the guidelines that the BBC recently issued for its commentators (with thanks to my sister Anne)

:: Justin

1 -Within 1 minute of kick off in the opening match (Germany v Costa
), the commentator must mention England.

2 – Regardless of what two teams are contesting the final, England

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