Swimming in Boston

T-Shirt of New England YMCA Swimming Championship.

I’m in Boston with Calum for him to swim in the YMCA New England Championships.

We’re at the Boston University Pool (nice pool, shame it doesn’t have as many seats as Yale!

Calum ready to swim.

Calum’s done really well, dropping another second off his 100 free and half a second off his 50 free.

New England YMCA Swimming Championship

Now all we need to do is hang out for another 7 or 8 hours and we can go home!

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More Swimming (this time at Yale)

Last night, Calum and I went down to Yale in New Haven to watch the State Open Swimming Finals (in the hope that in the future he will be competing here).

State Open Swimming at Yale.

It was very cool in a number of ways.  Firstly, it is an amazing pool.  There are seat for over 2000 very steeply banked around the pool (which for some reason reminded me of the court scenes in Harry Potter!

Secondly, there was some amazing swimming going on, including the breaking of a number of state records.

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More Coach (and fan) Watching

I am going to quickly skip over Saturday’s Hearts-Hibs game (I may have to relive it with Paul, that’s more than enough!).

After that is was off to Plainville High School for the State of Connecticut Class S Swimming Championships Time Trials (quite a mouthfull!).  I am starting to wrap my head around how all this swimming stuff works.  Basically the top 36 high school swimmers for each event compete for 24 places in the finals (to be held at Weslyan on Tuesday).

Calum came in as part of the first ever Wolcott boys swimming team and as a freshman in the 200m Individual Medley and the 100m Backstroke.  While holding his own in the backstroke, […]

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A very long day at the pool

We arrived around noon to watch Calum swim in the YMCA Yankee Cluster Championships.  It’s now 8:30 or so and there are still a few heats to go before his final event, the 500 yard freestyle.

So far he’s done really well, posting best times in the 200m freestyle and 100m backstroke as well as fine splits in his relays.

All this followed on from our first indoor game of the winter season down at Wrona’s Soccer Academy.  We posted a very nice 10-2 win over a Newington team with fairly limited resources on our end (as well as swimming championships this was a basketball tournament weekend for a bunch of the kids).

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Trying out new things at swimming

Usually when getting ready for a swim meet I prepare the heats in a program called Meet Manager.

However, this week the chap who usually sets up the touch pads at the end of the lanes and connects them to the scoreboard and electronic times (which then downloads them to the computer and Meet Master) was not able to show up until just before the meet.  The left me and coach Kevin to figure it all out.  Remarkably enough we did!

Iona and Calum both did very well – Iona had a new best time and Calum even competed in an individual medley (all four strokes in one race).

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The start of another quiet weekend

The weekend started with the first swim meet of the summer with both Calum and Iona swimming for the Southington Stingrays. Summer meets are great! Much smaller and quicker, this one, in Farminton, only lasted an hour and twenty minutes. Both Calum and Iona did really well beating their own best times.

While we were doing that, Michele and Siraya were at Southington High School lighting a torch at Southington High School in memory of Michele’s mum as part of the American Cancer Society Relay for life (Calum and I will be walking for a couple of hours tomorrow morning).

All that and the Mets actually won, not a bad evening!

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A weekend full of swimming

This is championships weekend for the Yankee Cluster of YMCA swimming teams, so we’ll be spending a remarkable amount of time at Middletown High School waiting for a watching Iona and Calum swim.  Friday night was mercifully brief as Calum was swimming in the second event and that was us.  He did really well, knocking a second off his time in the 100m Backstroke.

Sunday will be the longest day as Calum has three races and Iona four.  While it may lead to some discomfort from sitting for so long, the whole thing is actually a lot of fun and the kids get amazingly into it with shaved heads, dyed  hair (assuming there is some left), colorful outfits, strange chants, and […]

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Babies, Soccer Balls, and Robots

Michele was away on a vestry retreat this weekend so it was up to me, Iona, and Calum to do the whole baby thing (actually it involves half the world, at swimming practice the coaches take her most of the time and then at Calum’s soccer game she hangs out with a bunch of the moms). All in all I think we did a pretty good job!

Calum’s team did a great job too, playing a really good game in a 9-5 win over Terryville. I didn’t keep track of the number of shots we took, but it seemed like we were always hitting the post, hitting the bar, or shooting right at their goalkeeper (who had a great […]

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A successful sporting Saturday

Hearts started their defense of the Scottish Cup with a trip to the mighty Stranraer of the Second Division. interesting the closest city to Stranraer is Belfast! One of the great things about the cup is that it involves all the divisions at once in a knock-out competition so can lead to some great upsets. Thankfully Hearts avoided any such tragedies with a tidy 4-0 win.

The Wolcott U-12 Boys got their winter season off to a fine start with a handy shut out win. Funnily enough we are playing in a mixed U-11 and U-12 and we ended up starting off against the Wolcott U-11 Boys who put up a great fight but […]

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