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Now that's what I call football!

This afternoon, the Wolcott Warriors U-12 Boys played Wamogo in our last home game of the season.  It was, I think, just about the more remarkable game I have ever coached.

After 10 minutes we were winning 2-0 and I was working out the best way to set up our team so as not to score too many goals too quickly (our league has a 6 goal differential rule).

20 minutes later, we were losing 5-2!  They had a late arrival of an extremely good player.  by half time we had pulled back to 6-4.

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Finally… Off to New England

090306 NVL Finals by you.
For those of you who pay any attention to my Facebook or Twitter updates (there must be someone out there who does…) you may have noticed that I have been at rather a lot of swim meets of the last week or so.  It’s coming to the end of the winter season which leads to high school and YMCA championships and other tournaments.  Calum is one of three boys swimming in the first ever Wolcott High School swimming team.  Although there are three of them, they count as a one man team (it’s a long story) and swim with Crosby High School in Waterbury, under […]

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If only Hearts could be more like the Wolcott U-11 boys

Today my U-11 boys won their division in winter soccer.  We play down at Leszek Wrona’s Soccer Academy in Bristol, Connecticut (yes, the same town made famous by ESPN and now Sarah Palin)

We were up against a really good team for the final game (coached by a dastardly Englishman).  The boys put so much hard work and skill into the game it was a real joy to watch (though by blood pressure was probably a little off!).

I think the final score was 8-6 with much excitement and great play by both teams.  If Hearts could put in the same effort they would stop horrible results […]

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A very long day at the pool

We arrived around noon to watch Calum swim in the YMCA Yankee Cluster Championships.  It’s now 8:30 or so and there are still a few heats to go before his final event, the 500 yard freestyle.

So far he’s done really well, posting best times in the 200m freestyle and 100m backstroke as well as fine splits in his relays.

All this followed on from our first indoor game of the winter season down at Wrona’s Soccer Academy.  We posted a very nice 10-2 win over a Newington team with fairly limited resources on our end (as well as swimming championships this was a basketball tournament weekend for a bunch of the kids).

:: Justin ::

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Winners, and (for once, not) losers

Today was the district banquet to celebrate the division winners in North West Connecticut, including your very own Wolcott U-13 Boys.  Actually the Wolcott U-12 Boys were there too as they also won their division.  It was a fine affair, running through the prize giving with the minimum of speeches and lots of photos!  Very cool to see they boys together one final time and being rewarded for all their years of putting up with Rich and me.

Hearts on the other hand managed not to lose.  They couldn’t actually get as far as winning (probably had a lot to do with Calum Elliot getting himself sent off) but did manage a 1-1 […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent most of the morning at the Wolcott High School v Holy Cross High School Thanksgiving Football Game.  Wolcott (as often happens) lost, but we were really there to watch the band.

The band did their big half time show, which this year was music from Tommy.

It was a great show, and I’m sure Iona will have the videos up soon.

After that I achieved my goals of eating and drinking too much, now it must be nap time!

:: Justin ::

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Wolcott Warriors Update :: Banquet time

This evening was our end of season banquet.

Lots of fun was had by all, it’s great how the boys on our team congregate, cause havoc, and seem to win all the raffle prizes!

My own piece is putting together the slide shows.  The one for our team was particularly cute as I put in a bunch of photos of the kids going back over the years.

:: Justin ::

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Wolcott Warriors Update :: Final Standings

We did it!

The scores are in and we tied for first place in our division!

This is a great achievement for a wonderful group of players and parents (the coaches are pretty happy about it too!).

We’ll be getting together for our club banquet tomorrow where we’ll be able to celebrate along with the Under-12 boys who won their division too.

Then I believe that in January we’ll be off some a district wide shindig.

It must have been the mustaches!

:: Justin ::

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One more win, two fewer moustaches

Rich and I have coached this group of boys for more years than I care to remember.  For the last few there’s been a bet on that if they could go undefeated, we would shave our mustaches.

We each basically had them since we were about three (though I did shave mine once after losing a bet to Keith).

So yesterday  the fateful day came.  The kids drew lots and it was out with the trimmers, much to everyone’s delight and Rich and my peril!


All in all though a very small price to pay for the privilege of coaching such a great group of […]

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