Tuesday in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


Today I was lucky enough to visit with MENCAFEP and their founder Chris Stubbs in Batticaloa on the East Coast of Sri Lanka.  It’s a world away from the urban environment of Columbo,  but they are doing some great work and it’s fascinating to see how Therap will help them.


I’m looking forward to developing our relationships with MENCAFEP and other agencies across Sri Lanka over the coming years and proving that access to good data works everywhere.

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It was particularly moving […]

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Monday in Columbo, Sri Lanka

Child Guide Center, Columbo, Sri Lanka

This week I am in Sri Lanka visiting a number of agencies who have either just started or who are thinking about using Therap.

Meeting at the Child Guide Center, Columbo, Sri Lanka

Today I am in Columbo and visited the Child Guidance Center who are in the process of implementation.  I met with the Center’s director Leela Gunasinghe who has put together some great programs and supports some of the cutest kids you have ever met!

Sri Lankan Parliament

Given that I’m in a new place for me, I had to get my […]

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