Attendance tracking in Delaware


For those of you in Delaware who are getting ready for our state-wide implementation of attendance, you can find the instructions and handouts on you Delaware Page (


There you will find the following:

Delaware DDDS Attendance Tracking:

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.:: Justin ::

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Exciting News for Therap Customers in Delaware

Therap Conferences

We are very excited to offer a special limited time offer to our customers in Delaware (the “First State” to mandate Therap) who are interested in attending the National Provider Administrator Conference in Fishkill, New York this February.

If you sign up before December 31st 2009 using the code DEPA10 and also book your hotel rooms before December 31st, Therap will waive the Conference fee (which includes food).

To take advantage of the exceptional opportunity, click here to sign up.

You can learn more about the conference here

Hotel Information is available here

If you have any questions, please let us know.

:: Justin […]

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Tuesday in Delaware

Picture of Bridge in Delaware

What a tremendously exciting day I had in Delaware.

I presented to their Quarterly Providers’ Meeting about our attendance module which is the next Therap application that we are going to be implementing state wide.

The folks in Delaware (both DDDS and the private providers) are such a great group of people to work with and I strongly believe that they are at the forefront of designing a service provision system that is highly efficient, providing high quality services and involving entire teams in ways that has never been done before.

We were brainstorming about sharing ISP Plans across agencies and I think I have a great design up my sleeve now […]

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Therap Conference in Delaware :: Day 3

Picture of Therap conference in Delaware

A great conference has now drawn to a close. The third day was just as exciting and dynamic as the rest of the conference.

We started off with a round of Therap Jeopardy, pitting each county: New Castle, Kent (which I renamed Essex on the schedule for some reason), and Sussex against each other and the National team. In a very spirited and close contest, New Castle pulled ahead at the end thanks to finding the ICD-9 code for Angelmans Syndrome.

Almost packed up now, we’ll be heading home to get ready for South Dakota in two weeks.

See you there!

:: Justin […]

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Delaware Conference Day Two

Picture of Maureen and Sazzad in front of Therap Booth

More great stuff today. I am so impressed by the folks that we have attending, they are really making this a great experience.

Picture of Banners in Therap Booth

Some of my favourite things so far:

  • Biometrics: This is just amazing! We have been showing off an early version of a fingerprint login for Therap. We have been doing this in partnership with Bio Key International. The way I set it up, I was able to log in with one finger to get in as a regular user and another finger to log in as a provider administrator.
  • Delaware Steering […]
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Delaware Conference Day 1

Picture of Therap Delaware Conference

WOW! What a great day (and it’s not even over yet!).

We have been running seven sessions at a time all day long and now we’re getting close to the evening activities.

So much to talk about, but it’s been so busy I’ll have to get to that later. I just have to say what a great group of people we have here!

Picture of Therap Booth in Delaware Conference

:: Justin ::

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Press Release :: Therap Regional Conference in Delaware

Therap Services to Host Conference in association with Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

Therap Services, a service bureau providing an integrated suite of online applications to organizations working with people with developmental disabilities, is hosting a conference for Therap users in Delaware in association with the Delaware Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS). The conference will be held from April 28-30, 2008 at Dover, Delaware.

The regional conference is designed for residential directors, day program directors, state caseworkers, nurses, supervisors, house managers, clinicians and direct support professionals. Non-users of Therap are also welcomed to attend the conference.

“We are excited to host this conference along with the Division of […]

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Delaware Update

I presented at the Delaware Quarterly Providers Meeting and a few points came up which I wanted to clarify:

  1. DDDS will be paying for up to three staff per Delware Provide to attend the Therap Regional Conference in Dover, DE April 28th to 30th.
  2. If you would like to reserve spaces (even if you don’t know exactly who will be attending) just drop an SComm to Therap Customer Support.
  3. If any DDDS Staff need to update their access to provider data, they should contact Therap.
  4. Please complete your survey on computers and internet access as soon as possible.
  5. Anyone needing assistance in importing IDF data, please contact Justin or Maureen.

:: Justin ::

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Conference costs in Delaware

Logo of Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

Delaware Providers please note:

The State of Delaware, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services will be covering the conferences fees (not any travel or hotel costs) for Delaware Providers attending the Therap Conference in Dover, DE April 28th to April 30th. This conference fee does include food.

If you are a Delaware Provider, please do not submit any payment with your application form.

By the way, we have recently posted our provisional agenda, it’s quite impressive and you really should take a look!

:: Justin ::

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