A few updates

We have added two new set of State Specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  You can find them as follows:

North Dakota FAQs

New Mexico FAQs

We also updated a bunch of New York forms to comply with the latest OPWDD guidance.

Finally, there was another update to Therap for States (1.0.7 for those of you keeping score at home)

:: Justin ::


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Going Live in New Mexico

Graphics of Therap Services in New Mexico

Friday is a very exciting day for Therap and for the State of New Mexico as it marks the go-live day for the electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (or eCHAT as we like to call it).

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this.  Between the folks at DDSD who put in lot of work designing, testing, updating and discussing the forms, the providers who acted as beta testers, Maureen and Deb who traveled the length and breadth of New Mexico training everyone and of course our amazing development team it’s been a job well done, with more great stuff to come.

There are lots of details about it on the New Mexico […]

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Therap :: Meeting deadlines in New York and New Mexico

Screenshot of Dashboard showing Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool

For folks in New Mexico, we are very excited to announce the production release of the eCHAT (Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool).   This is a very though and dynamic health assessment.  

New Mexico providers can check their page for support materials and timing requirements.

We are still looking for a few non-New Mexico beta testers. If you are interested, get in touch.


Screenshot of ISP Plan

In New York, OPWDD announced (11 days ago) changes to the ISP format as of October 1st.  We have it for you today, just click the link at the bottom of  your ISP Plan.  You’ll also find a new MSC […]

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Coming Soon :: eCHAT :: Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool

Here’s something else I am really excited about:

What you have here is a quick walkthrough of the new eCHAT or Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool that we have developed in conjunction with the State of New Mexico.

Not only does it provide a thorough and easy to use assessment tool, but it also calculates an overall acuity level and publishes a summary with recommendations for where care plans may be required.

Also, within the assessments are links to resources to help with supports in that area.

Take a look, let me know what you think.

When it is publicly available beyond New Mexico, it will be a premium service.  However we are looking for some beta testers.  Interested?

:: Justin ::

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Tuesday in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The weather was a lot less dramatic today, but I had a lot more fun!

This morning I presented to an all staff meeting of New Mexico’s DDSD.  I was showing off our progress with the eCHAT (electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool) and the MAR and Health Tracking that DDSD has purchased for all their providers.

The meeting went really well with a very interesting and interested crowd who had some great comments and questions.

Most pleasing to me was the reports of how well the project was being received in the provider community based on the training Maureen has been doing (way to go Moe!)

One of these days, I am going to have to stay in New Mexico a while, but […]

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Justin's Weather Report :: Stormy

Mighty Might Bosstones in Allentown, PAMighty Might Bosstones in Allentown, PAMighty Might Bosstones in Allentown, PAMighty Might Bosstones in Allentown, PA


Taking my lead from Allison’s Weather Report, it’s time to talk about the weather.  Storms seem to be following me around in the best sort of Douglas Adams style.  The drive to Ithaca was a bit wild and then on Sunday, Calum and I went to see The Mighty Mighty Bosstones in Allentown, PA.  It’s a good thing the concert was so good, the drive was awful!  Rain all the way […]

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Busy times in the State of New Mexico

Graphics of States page banner


There is a lot going on in Therapville, New Mexico just now.

To keep up with the latest, I suggest that you keep and eye on Maureen’s Blog and the New Mexico page of our website.

We are in the implementation stages of a very exciting project there, implementing the Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT to its friends).  This involves agencies across New Mexico completing a very thorough and detailed health assessment (including linked aspiration and self medication assessments) for everyone the support through waiver services.

These will then be available for team members, acuity calculations and to make recommendations on follow up and protocols that needs to be in place. […]

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Thursday in Albuquerque

Richard, Maureen, and I had a productive, if all too brief visit to New Mexico today.

We were kicking off what is going to be a very exciting project with the state and providers here in New Mexico.

They have developed a Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool which along with our existing Individual Data Form, Health Tracking, Medication Administration Record, First DataBank Drug Database, and Secure Communication we will be deploying across New Mexico over the coming months.

:: Justin ::

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Welcome to Therapville, New Mexico

New Mexico Seal

I am very excited to announce that Therap has won a contact to provide a state-wide Health Assessment Tool along with Heath Tracking and Medication Administration Records.

Richard, Maureen, and I will be heading down there tomorrow to kick off the implementation process.  This is going to be very interesting and a whole lot of fun.  We have already had a number of discussions about the requirements for the tool and its implementation and i can tell that these are going to be great people to work with.

New Mexico State Flag

Over the next few months we’ll coming out to meet and train all the providers in New Mexico and get […]

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