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Just in case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been North Dakota a lot recently.

Well, now you can take a look at some of what we have been putting together.  It’s some really exciting stuff.

I am putting together a page of training videos.  Click here to take a look.

Or you could watch these ones right here!




Completing the Infant Progress Assessment Review (PAR)

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Getting close in North Dakota

Graphics of Therap Services in North Dakota

We are now two weeks into our three weeks of initial training for North Dakota Developmental Disabilities staff and Infant Development providers.  Last week Deb and I did training for central office staff and the regional Program Administrators.  This week Deb and Maureen have been training in Bismark, Williston, Minot, and Dickinson.  Next week Deb and Kara are off to Jamestown, Devils Lake, Grand Forks, and Fargo.

It’s a very exciting (and very busy) month for everyone involved in North Dakota and at Therap as we get ready for ND Day on November 1st when we plan to transition them from using their legacy ASSIST and Lotus Notes systems into […]

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Tuesday in Bismarck, North Dakota

Therap Services Logo

Today was really exciting for me as I did my first ever training on what we are calling Therap for States. This is the new system that we have been building for the last 3 months along with the State of North Dakota.

Not only have our programmers done an incredible job getting the quantity of programming done, but the quality of design and implementation is truly amazing.

The other funny thing for me was training on a system that I was not (yet) expert on (the latest update was a couple of hours before I started the class).  Since coming to Therap I have been training on a system that I felt I knew better than […]

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A quick trip to North Dakota

I’ve spent the last couple of days in Bismarck, North Dakota with Sazzad, Asif, and Jim as we work more with the folks here on their state-wide deployment of Therap.

This is a really exciting project and one that is going to reap massive rewards for Therap users all over the country.
Pretty soon we’ll be able to share more details of what we are putting in place so you can work out how it might be implemented in your state!
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Therap Regional Conference in Fargo, North Dakota

We had a tremendous conference in Fargo with around 150 people from all over the state as well as from Souith Dakota coming in for three days of intensive Theraping.

A huge thank you to everyone who made the conference such a success, especially the hotel staff.  We often don’t quite know what we are walking into when we have a conference at a new location.  The Ramada Plaza and Suites in Fargo is to be highly recommended!

ND Regional Conference by TherapEventsND Regional Conference by TherapEventsJustin throwing his presentation in Therap Regional Conference in Fargo, North DakotaDiscussion in Therap Regional Conference in [...]

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Ready to go in Fargo, North Dakota

It's been a bit of an adventure getting us all here (in fact, Jay and our name tags are still in Cleveland) but were read to get started with a very exciting regional conference tomorrow.

Having more that 150 people come to learn more about Therap here in Fargo really shows how far we have come over the past few years.

And there's only more good stuff to come!

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Configuring Breakfast in Bismarck, North Dakota

State Capitol, Bismarck, North DakotaState Capitol, Bismarck, North Dakotaue

Sazzad, Shawon, Tahseen, and I are out in Bismarck, North Dakota having a fine old time. While we are solving all the major problems of the world, we have not yet conquered the complexities of ordering an American breakfast. This morning Sazzad ordered his (with the usual 27 follow up questions to get it quite right), so when it came to Shawon, he just declared “I will have the same configuration”. Cue much amusement and a day spent applying computing terms to everyday life.

By the way, that’s another Capitol to me!

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North Dakota User Group

Image of North Dakota State Map


We will be holding a North Dakota User Group meeting at Enable in Bismark on Monday, May 24th at 10am.

This meeting will have a particular focus on cross-provider sharing (COIS) thanks to all the work the Bismark-Mandan providers did helping us set it up.

It's also a great opportunity to get all your questions answered by Sazzad, Shawon, and Tahseen

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More exciting times in Minot

Official City of Minot Website -

Today was day two of the NDACF Conference in North Dakota.  There are some great things going on here.

This morning I met with folks from Enable, HIT, and Community Options who along with Pride are pioneering sharing data between providers.  It is a fascinating process to work out exactly who has rights to what information and who retains ownership.  What makes it work is the fact that these agencies are committed to transparency, trust each other, and are looking for innovative ways to provide the best possible supports to the citizens of Bismarck and Mandan.  It is through the work and leadership […]

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