Well, That was embarrassing…

One of the joys of running (and using!) Software as a Service is that every now and then there will be a glitch.  (did you see what happened to Google last week?

It just always seems like when they do happen it is at the least opportune time.  In the middle of Day Three of the National Conference would certainly qualify!

We’ve fixed the issue from this morning, but have another one we need to take care of this afternoon so you will see another brief interuption shortly.

As always we will continue to work to make these even less frequent.

:: Justin ::


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System issues

Our applications are currently unavailable.  We’re working hard to get things back up and running.

Sorry for the difficulties.

UPDATE: 1:05pm Eastern:  We are back up and running, let us know if you are still experiencing any problems

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System Availability

Unfortunately you are probably already aware that we are having some technical issues this morning.

In order to get the system back to you as quickly as possible, we are going to put it back up again without access to Provider Administrator functionality when we work on the areas that are giving us problems.

This is obviously just a temporary intervention and we will be back to normal service as soon as we can.

:: Justin ::


UPDATE: 12:10pm Eastern: The system is back up again, just remember that for the time being you are going to get an error when you click on Admin links

UPDATE: 12:40pm Eastern: It looks like we are going to keep those admin links unavailable for […]

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System Issues

I am afraid that we are experiencing some system issues at the moment.

This is absolutely not acceptable to you or us.

Currently we are focussed on getting your system back to you as quickly as we can.

We will then have more information

:: Justin ::


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System Issues

We are currently experiencing some system difficulties.

Our tech team is hard at work getting things sorted, please bear with us

:: Justin ::

4:53 pm Eastern – Looks like everything is back to normal, we’ll be looking into what happened to do what we can to prevent any recurrence.

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Therap's National Conference Schedule Updated

Follow this link to read more on this conference about Therap, a software suite for Developmental Disability Care Providers

We have published an update to the National Conference schedule.

This one has quite a few changes in it, so be sure to take a look.  One thing to be sure that you remember is that we have so many sessions they don’t all fit on one page.  Be sure to check out the full schedule.

There will be a few more minor changes, I hope to get them out over the weekend.

It’s looking like we will have more than 300 people attending […]

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System Issues

8:55pm Eastern

We are experiencing some systems just now.

We are working hard on it as I write.

I’ll update things as soon as I know more.

:: Justin ::


9:05pm Eastern

One of our many application servers is experiencing issues.  If you get an error on logging in, you should log out and try again.  We are working to get that server up and running again


9:15pm Eastern

Everything should be back to normal.  Thanks for hanging with us

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System Downtime at 11am Eastern on 11/10/2011

To try and address the issues that some of you are seeing just now, we will be talkign the system down for about 30 minutes at 11am Eastern.

I know this makes life difficult for you and I am sorry for that

:: Justin ::

UPDATE: Everything seems to be smooth just now, but we are keeping a very close eye on it

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