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Coming soon in Therap 2016.0 :: Therap for Android updates

Along with our new web application, we will also be releasing a new mobile application (or two).

Let’s start with Therap for Android:

We’ve tidied up the login page a bit:

Therap Android Login

And look! There’s something new on the Dashboard, let’s take a look at T-Logs for Android:

Therap Android Dashboard

Tapping on the T-Log link will bring you to a list of unread T-Logs.  You can look at them all or filter by Notification Level.

Therap Android Select Individual

Choose the one you want to read and there it is:

Therap Android T-Log

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Release notes for Therap for States 1.0

We are very excited to announce the release of Therap for States.  

Below are the release notes:




Intake forms are interfaced with MCI. Users will get the option to check if the user is already in the system and then add the individual into the system accordingly. Users will also get the option to add Involved Individuals or Referral.

Progress Assessment Review (PAR)



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8.1 coming out this Saturday!

Graphic of 'Therap version 8.1 coming soon'.

Don’t forget that 8.1 is coming out this weekend and we’ll have some downtime Friday night into Saturday morning.

Look for release notes coming soon.

Just to whet your appetite a little, here are some new T-Log screen shots (note the Send via Scomm button!)

Screenshot of Create T-Log Entry page to create new T-Log.Screenshot of new T-Log page with 'Send via Scomm' button.

:: Justin ::

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