Homecoming 2009 Part 2

Another nice easy trip home.  Hopping on the 35 bus at half past six this morning (GMT) and pulling into my driveway in Wolcott by 2pm.  I have  had much longer trips home from places east of the Mississippi let alone the west coast!  Kara must be home, Continental delivered me to Newark the best part of half an hour early.

On the flight back I discovered this little gem that I didn’t know was even on my computer!  I’m quite a fan of puzzle games and this one is perfect for planes.  Look and see if you have Microsoft Tinker!

Graphic of Microsoft Tinker

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Some festive fun

OK, it’s not a Christmas game, but it is a game and it is yuletide.

Auditorium Game Logo - light your path

Although I was disheartened to read the intro on the 19th Floor: “There are no homicidal zombies or vengeful aliens to be found here”. “Boo”, “Hiss” says I in best panto style.

However it is actually a whole lot of fun, so stop working and go play Auditorium

:: Justin::

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A Competitor for Desktop Tower Defence?

For many, many months now I have been on a selfless quest to find you all a game as entertaining, addictive and generally productivity destroying as Desktop Tower Defense.

But to no avail.  There have been so goodies:  Vectoroids and the latest Bloons are pretty cool, but they are no DTD.

However, with apologies to Warren for the guns and gore, this might just have a chance.

Thanks to Niall via Facebook and Mushkush I present:

Graphic showing Objective Kill Zombies game


Click here to lose an hour or two!

Let me know what you think, I am having way too much fun!

:: Justin ::

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Don't miss our evening activities at the Side by Side Technology Conference.

Although ... who else can't wait for them to incorporate that Wiimote head-tracking stuff into games?  Man, the future's gonna be *awesome*.

We are now getting rather close to next week’s conference in Overland Park, Kansas (right next to Kansas City) that we are running alongside The College of Direct Support.

As well as putting the finishing touches on the schedule, we are also putting together our evening activities.  We’ll be adding to our existing video games night with some new games, and also taking a look out there at what’s cheaply […]

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Game of the week :: Vectoroids


I have played a lot of asteroids clones over the years, most of them annoy me just about as much as the original one did that ate all of my 10p bits up at the Electronic Experience on Lothian Road.

This one however is a lot of fun.  You can bounce off the asteroids for a while which is much better and the sounds and explosions and very satisfying.

Give it a try, it’ll only cost you a few hours!

:: Justin ::

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The Latest Distraction

For some reason Iona asked for a video game yesterday, other than several versions of Dance Dance Revolution this was pretty much a first so we complied and picked up a copy of Super Smash Brothers or some such for the Wii.

I am not entirely sure, but jumping around all over the place attempting to beat up your daughter, her boyfriend, and your wife, is really rather amusing! (especially when you are wearing a tiara)

Now if I only knew how to actually control my character!

:: Justin ::

PS If you want a shot at this or more fun, better show up at the Nurses and Clinician’s Conference!

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Some interesting questions about people with disabilities in video games

Today we launched the latest version of our DSP on Plant Ehtpar video game. It’s really cool and you should really go and take a look.

Graphic showing Hand Washing and ISP/ISP Program Description

One of the interesting things about this version is that it introduces to you all a character you have probably heard about many times if you have attended live or web based Therap Training sessions: Mary Active.

Graphic showing Animated Character in Kitchen

The interesting question for us, is how do we represent Mary? Should she have an obvious disability? Should she use a wheelchair?

If […]

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Therap Games

Have you checked out all the cool stuff on our games page?

Screenshot of 'Therap Games' Page

You can get there by going to Support.TherapServices.net, going to the training menu and choosing Therap Games.

There you will find a whole bunch of scavenger hunts that you can do yourself or run as a training activity.

You’ll also find version 0.0.1 (sounds like an early draft!) of our E-Quiz. Keep an eye on that because I have had a preview aof the next version which is looking really cool.

We really think that games are a very powerful way to train people and are looking at all sorts of exciting ideas for the future. So don’t forget to get […]

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