Attending HIMSS 2013 in New Orleans

This week I am at the HIMSS 2013 Conference in New Orleans.  It’s a fascinating experience for me in many ways.

Firstly, this is the place to be to learn about Health Information technology and its related fields.  There are hundreds of educational sessions and I seem to be learning things all the time.

Secondly, it’s a huge conference, and the first one I have been to in quite some time where I was not either running the conference or exhibiting.  It’s really interesting to view things from the attendee perspective and hopefully I’ll pick up some tips we can use to make our conferences even better.

FInally, for now, the Exhibit Hall is huge!  Every possible vendor you could imagine is here […]

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Therap Multi-State Billing Conference in Southbury, Connecticut

We are well into our first National Multi-State Provider Conference and it’s proving to be very successful indeed.  So successful in-fact that we are already looking forward to future conferences.

At this conference our core focus has been on billing, looking at what we do just now and also what new states and functionality we can add to be able to do more electronic claims submission.

As well as this though we have been looking at other processes and situations that are common to multi-state providers.  

Based on this, I’m thinking that our next Multi-State Provider Conference wil probably be back here in Connecticut in Early December and focussed on Quality Assurance.

There will be much more information to come on this, let […]

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Find out more about direct electronic billing in Minnesota

f you use Therap in Minnesota and are interested in finding out how you can billing directly from Therap using Therap data, you should join this online User Group Meeting.

We’ll be discussing how Therap Electronic Billing and discussing Minnesota specific rules.

You can sign up here

The meeting is on February 1st at 10am Central

:: Justin ::



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Does Therap work on my phone and my browser?

The answer to this questioon is most likely “Probably, most of the time.” if you are using a current browser or an Android / iOS / WebOS phone.

The problems start to happen when you get someone like me who has tons of browsers on their computer (sometimes just to try them out and sometimes becuase I want to have multiple Therap accounts open at once while I am testing or setting somethign up).

Examples of browsers I might use include:

And those are only the ones I use on […]

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Apple brings out a mobile Therap device

The big announcement today was Apple’s iPad.

What’s the iPad you ask?

Basically it’s a great big iPod Touch.  In other words it could be a really handy thing to stick on a med-room wall to complete you MARs or carry with you to do your Therap documentation really easily.  It costs about $500, which is interesting because I have seen touchscreen devices for Nursing Homes which retail for about $1500 each!

:: Justin ::

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The cutest computer in the world

Having established the fact that I have the cutest daughters in the world, I am now venturing into computers.

Dell Mini laptop

I am trying to see if the Dell Inspiron Mini would  work as a mobile classroom computer for new Therap users.  It would certainly be easier to travel with one of these.


My thoughts so far:

I like it!  It’s small! (photo above is next to my  15″ Dell – click for bigger and more). 

It’s affordable ($380  all in for a refurbished model you would never […]

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System Downtime this Weekend

We are doing some work on our servers which may require some brief outages in the early hours of Sunday morning.

I am sorry for any inconvenience, we don’t expect to be out for more than 10 minutes or so and will put up a splash page prior to it happening.

If you have any questions, please let us know.  We will be available via Live Help throughout.

:: Justin ::

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Therap on the go

One of the questions I am asked a lot is: “Can I use Therap on a mobile device?”

The answer is “Sort of…”. (which is not a great answer unfortunately)

Of course a lot depends on what you mean by a modile device. If that is a laptop, then the answer instantly becomes “Absolutely”, provided you have access to a wireless internet connection such as WiFi or EVDO.

On smaller devices such as a Blackberry, Treo, or Windows Mobile device the answer is less clear. Some of Therap will work just fine while other pieces will be limited by a lack of popups and JavaScript support.

What I would like to know, is what do you use and how do you […]

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Playing with the Penguin

Calum and I have spent the last few weeks starting to get used to working in a Linux environment. We’re getting there slowly, and so far the experience is pretty positive.

This all started because between the two of us we killed the aging desktop that we were using as a family computer. At the same time we wanted to move said computer out of the basement to make more room for the table tennis table (on which I am still unbeaten!). I couldn’t see Calum having a computer in his room that he sat and played games on all day (and neither could Iona!) so I came up with the compromise that if it was […]

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