Working with your browser

Ten years ago, Therap chose the browser to be the tool we use to deliver services.  Since then, we’ve been proved right time and time again.

Once in a while though, with the ever changing world of technology, you may run into issues.  If you contact us we may ask you odd questions like “What version of Firefox are you using” or “Have you cleared you chache”.  If those terms mean nothing to you, then you should check out teh training materials we have here.

You can either watch them on our website or in the YouTube video below

Video on Finding Browser Version

:: Justin ::

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Finally! Spell Check built into Internet Explorer

IE10 Spell Check

I was in Beatrice, Nebraska today (and even pronouncing it properly) and yet again bemoaning the lack of a built in spell checker in Internet Explorer when it occured to me to check a beta version of IE 10.

Yipee!  Finally after way to many years, Microsoft has seen fit to include spell checking.

So, those of you who are restricted to only using Internet Explorer, be sure to excourage your friendly IT folks to upgrade as soon as they can!

:: Justin ::

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To YouTube or not to YouTube


One of the great things about using Therap is we don’t tell you how to do your job (though we do get fairley opinionated about how best to use Therap).

Some agencies choose to have very strict internet access policies and other leave things much more open.  There are great arguments for and against each.

One of the things I am coming across a lot now is the use of .

As you know, we use it a lot as it is easy (and free) to host stuff on and very easy to watch on just about any device.

So if you want to learn about Incident Reporting in Montana


or Respite Services in Nebraska


or how to work with […]

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More thoughts on Facebook

The other day, Richard wrote an interesting post on Facebook and parenting.  It’s a fascinating concept and one I tend to focus on the positive aspects of.  How else would I know if my daughter was eating fish fingers and custard or my neice was in desparate need of a new pair of Doc Martens if it were not for Facebook, Twitter and the like.

I am also fascinated by Facebooks willingness to change its basic interface.  Each change is followed by screams of “What has Facebook done” and “That’s it, I’m off to Twitter/MySpace/Google+/ThePub”.  However the new interface almost always brings benefits and people are even more upset when it changes.

We’ve gone through the same many times.  It’s one […]

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Living Life Online with a ChromeBook

Picture of Chromebook showing Therap Website

Over the past few weeks, I have been testing a Chromebook.  It’s basically a laptop/netbook that only runs Google Chrome as a browser.

The question is, could you use a computer that doesn’t allow you to install anything (other than Chrome Apps).

Have you tried one?  Let me know what you think.

The answer for me is, “very nearly!”

Seems to me that this would be a great solution for Therap users (there are all sorts of enterprise controls available).

The only things I have found I really need to install are our Live Help application and there are times when Google Apps just doesn’t quite do enough for me and I need to use Excel.

Other […]

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Happy World Information Society Day!

Graphic showing World Information Society Day

According to Wikipedia:

World Information Society Day was proclaimed to be on 17 May by a United Nations General Assembly resolution, following the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis.[1]

The day had previously been known as World Telecommunication Day to commemorate the founding of the International Telecommunication Union in 17 May 1865.[2] It was instituted by the Plenipotentiary Conference in Malaga-Torremolinos in 1973.

The main objective of the day is to raise global […]

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Taking Music to the Cloud

Given Allison and Tony’s recent fawning over the iPad 2 and all things Apple, I thought it was about time I did a little on the things that are interesting me just now.

amazon cloud player service music industry

Top of these at the moment is some of the stuff that Amazon is up to.  I am a huge fan of shopping there, one of my rules in life is that if it is not sold by Amazon it probably is not worth having.

Then they started doing their video streaming service which include just about all my favourite old BBC shows like Blackadder, Red Dwarf, and Dr Who.

Then… they brought […]

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Does Therap work on my phone and my browser?

The answer to this questioon is most likely “Probably, most of the time.” if you are using a current browser or an Android / iOS / WebOS phone.

The problems start to happen when you get someone like me who has tons of browsers on their computer (sometimes just to try them out and sometimes becuase I want to have multiple Therap accounts open at once while I am testing or setting somethign up).

Examples of browsers I might use include:

And those are only the ones I use on […]

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Get social with Therap blog posts

Social Buttons

You may well have noticed that the buttons you see above are now at the bottom of each post in a Therap blog.
This is to give you the opportunity to share a post that you find interesting, entertaining, or informative with the Social Networks of your choice.
At the moment, we’re hooked in with:
Just click on the networks that you use and you’ll be able to share a post with your friends.
If you would like us to add another network, just let me know
:: Justin “”
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Therap at 30,000 feet


Today is my first experience trying out inflight internet access (on a flight from LaGuardia to Minneapolis/St Paul).

So far it has worked very well.  I've been emailing, IMing and Theraping at very acceptable speeds.

Is there anywhere left that you can't access Therap?

:: Justin ::

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