The Joy of Pivot Tables

The other day, I was on Facebook, and what did I come across by an entry entitled “The Beauty of Pivot Tables“!  This is for me I thought!

The link was to the Microsoft Office Facebook page. From there it was off to the delightfully named Crabby Office Lady blog.

Then, this morning when I was looking for the above link to share with you I came across this:

Woah! It’s a guy with a funny accent talking about pivot tables! (I just watched it and learned a bunch of stuff)


:: Justin ::

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Do you Skype?

For the past two days, and continuing tomorrow we have been having internal technical meetings with a dozen or so of us in an anonymous bunker in New Jersey (cleverly disguised as a Holiday Inn).

Unfortunately, Steve couldn’t make it, so he joined in by Skype on a Video call.

It actually worked remarkably well (when doing it again I might have a better microphone) and he was definitely more a part of the meeting than if he had just been on a speaker phone.

It was also kind of funny when we passed him around (or at least the laptop he was appearing on!)

Image of Skype logo
Which made me […]

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Google Chrome is getting closer to being my main browser

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Yesterday, Google added bookmark syncing and extensions to its Chrome browser.

I love how quick and simple Chrome is, but the main reason I stick with Firefox is that I can build in a whole bunch of tools that I use regularly (such as ScribeFire which I am using to write this post) right into the browser with Firefox’s massive library of extensions.

I’m looking forward to seeing my favorites come over, and then my journey may be complete!

:: Justin ::

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It's all good

There is a lot of excitement our there in the world of mobile devices this week.

The Palm Pre just arrived on Verizon (shame, because if they had managed to get it there before the Droid, I would have been all over it, I am a huge fan and am still trying to figure out how to justify having two phones!)

Now, everyone is holding their breath to see what will happen on Wednesday with Apples big announcement, the possibility of a matching one from Verizon and more.  Rumours include the long awaited Applet Tablet (iTablet, iSlate, or whatever they are going to call it), Apple and Verizon working together, and much more.

My favourite […]

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Michael Arrington's list of products

techcrunch logo

This is a very interesting list of web products used by a chap from Tech Crunch.  Well worth a read.

Also interesting how many of them I use all the time:

On top of that there are a few that I am either dabbling in or thinking about:

What does your list look like?

:: Justin ::

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Come and meet me in Pompeii

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To me, this is just incredible!

Ever since I got a book on Pompeii as a very small child I had wanted to go there.  Finally managed it as part of a train trip with Michele (before kids when we were young and fancy free, I’ll have to dig up some photos).

What a way to relive that trip, or for a school to conduct a field trip.  Now I need to work out how this applies to Therap (I am sure Richard will)


:: Justin ::

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Managing your internet security

One of the questions I am asked most when I am presenting to new or prospective Therap customers is, “How can I control what websites my staff go to?”

There are of course many, many solutions.  We will, of course, be discussing them all at the Provider Administration Conference (ever get the feeling that you should be signing up?)

Some of the solutions include filtering software, managed networks, kiosk software, and suchlike.

The latest thing I have been trying out (I am actually using it at home), is DNS filtering.

The basic idea is this:

  • When you type in a web address, there is a computer out there that figures out which website you want to look at and points you to […]
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