Come and see Therap at Oracle World

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As noted on Oracle’s Weblogic Server Blog, Masum will be presenting on our use of some Oracle tools.  As the blog says:

Come join Therap Services CTO Masum at OpenWorld to hear about how Therap leverages Oracle WebLogic Server with Oracle Enterprise Manager to really take their applications to the next level. In addition, while at OpenWorld don’t miss other Cloud Application Foundation Innovators. You can join the session whether you are an OpenWorld attendee or not.

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Have you gone mobile yet?

This weekend we released our new Android App for MAR, ISP Data, and Password Reset.

In order to use the MAR section, you just need to have your Provider Admin get in touch with use (as long as you have purchased the MAR from us already there is no extra charge).

If you would like to use the (extremely cool) Mobile ISP Data app you will need to subscribe, but we have some great introductory pricing so get in touch quickly.

If you want to see how it all works you can watch this video or sign up for a DEMO account and download the app for free from Google Play.

Video on Therap […]

Tuesday at DIS2012 in Newcastle, England

Newcastle, England

I spent Tuesday hanging out with a very smart group of engineers and computer scientists from all over the planet discussing designing systems for people with cognitive limitations.  We were in Newcastle University, in the shadow of St James’ Park.

It was a fascinating workshop.  From my perspective I was looking for input on how individuals with developmental disabilities might access their own data and have it presented in a way that was useful and understandable.

I got some great information to ponder over and look forward to building some fruitful relationships with the folks I met.

Now it’s time to head back to Connecticut.

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Therap's Big Ideas :: Idea Number 4 – Access Simplification – Privileges Mk III

If you take a look at the schedule for the recent Provider Admin Conference in Fishkill, NY, you will see many sessions discussing things like Caseloads and Super Roles and such.  There really is an art to that, we have developed over the years incredible flexibility in defining user access and maintaining HIPAA compliance.

How ever if you are a large agency, a state, or multi-state agency and/or you are using lots of Therap modules, this can become a lot to remember and maintain.

Thinking back, when I started using Therap as a Program Director at Community Systems, Inc. in Torrington, Connecticut, I had to send a spreadsheet to Wai Nam with who I wanted as users and what I wanted […]

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Wednesday in Louisville with Deyta

Richard and I spent most of Wednesday in Louisville, Kentucky talking with the folks from Deyta about ANCOR’s Performance Excellence Toolkit as well as the other satisfaction survey and benchmarking products that they have.

With Performance Excellent, agencies can become part of a national system to measure quality and progress.  Obviously when looking at topics such as Preventive Healthcare (which will be coming out in 2010), harnessing the data held within Therap could made participation a lot easier and more accurate.

We are in the process of starting a trial of just that (if you’d like to join in, please let me know). 

We are also […]

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Therap becomes a member of HL7

As part of our move towards HIPAA, HITECH, and ARRA compliant interoperability with systems like pharmacies, states, and Health Information Exchanges, Therap is developing HL7 compliant interfaces.

Get in touch, or look out for Health Information Exchange user groups in the future to learn more.

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Therap Dashboard: Beta in 8.1

There I was, quietly doing some testing while waiting for Michele’s car to be serviced when I came across this.

I think you’ll get it from the pictures (click on them for bigger versions).

In 8.1 we will run this beta in parallel with FirstPage with a view to a possible transition in future (with lots of feedback of course).

I think this is REALLY cool!

Lots of kudos to Rajiv for making it look so pretty.

Only another week and you will be able to try it for yourself.

:: Justin ::

Therap dashboard showing 'To Do' tab.

Therap dashboard [...]

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Even more on MARs in Therap 8.1

Once you have created your MARs and staff have done all their documentation, you’ll want to find new ways to use all that wonderful information that you have at your fingertips.

We are introducing a new flexible report generator that will look something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Report Criteria form.

I am sure there will be much more to show you soon!

:: Justin ::

And produce output like this:

Screenshot of MAR Custom Report page with Mar Report Criteria field and list of total records

An easy way to get reports on things like PRNs […]

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More about MARs in Therap 8.1

OK, let’s take a look at how you will set up an MAR when Therap 8.1 is released:

Basically you can set up any month’s MAR in advance (or look at old ones).  Obviously this is all based on having the correct roles assigned to you.

Screenshot of MAR Configuration Search.

As usual, if you click on a screenshot, you’ll get to see it and many more in Flickr.

Having chosen the MAR you want to set up, you’ll get a screen something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Configuration page after Search.

Here you can work on the […]

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