Say hi to Allison

If you are out there somewhere in the top left hand corner of the US, be sure to look out for Allison over the next couple of weeks.

She’s going to be heading out there and has a wild schedule of training and presentations which she’d love to involve you in.

So, if you are in Oregon or Washington, check out Allison’s blog and get in touch.

:: Justin::

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Catch us if you can!

We are putting together our 2008 travel schedule and it’s going to be a wild one, so be sure to get in touch with us if you’d like to get involved or host a session at your agency.

Warren and Maureen are about to head off to Bangladesh for a couple of weeks.

Allison has trips planned to Maine, Oregon, and Washington.

Richard and Justin will be in Oregon and California.

Jim will be in Florida (several times).

Justin will be in West Virginia and Indiana

Maureen will be in Delaware

Justin, Richard, and Kara will be all over New York and New Jersey.

and… That only gets us into February!

After that we’ll be off to conferences all over the country […]

Here we come…

September and October are conference months.

All of us here in Therapville will be criss-crossing the country showing our wares.

While we’re out and about we’d love to come and meet with you and your agencies and colleagues.

If you are at any of the conferences, we’d be happy to set up meetings, sessions, and training there.

Take a look at the list here or below

:: Justin ::

Conference Date Location Conferences
September 4 – 7, 2007 Atlanta, GA NAPSA
September 5 – 8, 2007 KINTEX, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, Korea DPI’s 7th World Assembly
September 9 – 11, 2007 Washington, DC ANCOR GAS Conference
September 10 – 12, […]
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As Iona Might Say: Oregon Rocks. The End.

Jackie & I

The ORA conference was a lively affair. I have a new best friend, Jeff, who helped me set up the Therap display (Jeff has replaced Lloyd!) along with Kay from ORA who was also extremely helpful throughout both days of the conference. Many nice people from agencies in Oregon and Washington stopped by to inquire and say hello. The live walkthrough was well-attended and I believe, well received, by the people who were there; members of Partnerships in Community Living offered some encouraging remarks about their success with the system thus far, as well as the headway they have made in working with their state and county monitors in regards to its […]

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I am in Kansas again!

While I wasn’t able to click my ruby slippers to get here, the trip over yesterday.

I approached security at Bradley with some trepidation as I too was carrying a projector screen. The chap asked me what it was, “a projector screen” says I. “Cool” says he! No problem. They really are very cool, portable screens, you can see mine in the photo above.
I’m looking forward to meeting some of our Kansan customers and hopefully a bunch of new folks, before donning the slippers and heading home!

:: Justin ::

PS Allison, I hope you had fun setting up the booth in Oregon!

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Back to Salem, Oregon

Tuesday it was raining as it is supposed to do in the Pacific Northwest. Another foggy drive this morning to Salem along I-5. I went to visit the fine folks at Sunny Oaks, Therap’s VERY FIRST Oregon user. They have a lovely little office and I was greeted by Karen who immediately was ready with a bunch of great questions about Provider Administration things. Char and Sandy joined us and we went through all types of things including an abbreviated look at Health Tracking, TMS, and ISPs. Our brief meeting turned into a couple of hours and I had great fun with them! Char was very excited about all the system could do and I pointed […]

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All Things Orange

So, I began my voyage from Hartford, Connecticut, on Sunday morning around 4AM. I had a lovely gentleman, Lloyd—my new best friend—check my bags from the sidewalk and keep me from standing in a dreadfully long luggage line. I thought I may have to check three bags as I had an additional projection screen THAT JUSTIN GAVE ME to bring with me but Lloyd suggested I carry it on to save the extra fee. Please note that this screen is in an oblong black case that has a handle to carry over your shoulder. After my new best friend saw to my luggage I went through security and as I was removing my shoes, one of […]

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Heading West: Therap in Oregon

Justin has given me the highest privilege of posting on his blog! Surely, the blogging world will never recover from such a severe lapse in judgment. So, I’m getting ready to head to Eugene, Oregon, for the Northwest ORA conference ( My suitcase is brimming from the pile of things that Justin gave me to bring along. Next week, I’m going to be traveling all over the state visiting Therap-using providers, helping them with training and answering their questions. That is, of course, when I am not at the conference sitting with the big ORANGE booth on Wednesday and Thursday! On Thursday, there will also be a live walkthrough and a Users’ Group […]

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