A week in Dhaka

Richard, Jim, Stephen and I have spent the last week or so embroiled in bunches of meeting over here on all sorts of topics, but sharing the goal of driving our system forward to bigger and better things.

I think we are coming up with some crucial and significant steps that will help the system connect within itself and with others and well as to continue to grow as we have been and more.

Yesterday, we took a bit of time to explore the city, and in particular getting down to the old town of Dhaka.


Historical place of old town of Dhaka

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System Status :: Looking much better this week

Today is my final day in Bangladesh, Iona and I fly out tonight.  You can see what Iona thought of her time here.  You’ll also start to hear some of the results of it in some new automated training that we are working on.

It has been quite a trip for many reasons.

While there are a few little issues left in 9.1 (notably the scanning module isn’t working yet due to what looks like some external compatability problems – we’re working on it, but it may take a few days) it is basically ticking along smoothly.

There are some functionality/design issue that we are looking at to do with SComm, T-Logs, and oversight caseloads.

One thing to be aware of is that changes […]

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Greetings from Dhaka, Bangladesh



I just arrived in Dhaka (three flights and a long time coming all the way from Buffalo).  It was very cool to be met at the airport by Iona and Rajiv.  Iona is all settled in and even met me in her Bangla outfit.

Now off to the office to get stuck into 9.1 and a bunch of RFPs

:: Justin ::

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A quick visit to Oregon

For photos out a plane window taken with a phone, I thought these were pretty good!

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with Anna in gorgeous Oregon this week.  The only downside was that we were so busy meeting people that I didn’t get to do much, if any, sightseeing.

I did though do a training for a group of state surveyors who are coming across Therap in more and more places.  they were very receptive to learning more about how Therap works and how they can better do their job working with our customers.  Remember, if you would ever like us to come out and do a training for your surveyors, just let me know.

A bunch of […]

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A busy week ahead

Catch us if you can!

I will be visiting with folks in California and North Dakota (Sazzad, Asif, and Jim will be joining me in Bismarck)
Iona and Danica are heading off to Maine to see how the summer work translates into action
On top of all that we have our Side by Side Conference in Baltimore, Maryland!
Hopefully we’ll see you at one of those!
:: Justin ::
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Monday in Kingston, NY with Ulster-Greene ARC

Ulster-Greene ARC

Stephen and I had a great series of meetings with Bart and various teams from Ulster-Greene Arc after they went live last week.
They have done a great job with their initial implementation (as evidenced by the million questions that they now have!)
I’m really looking forward to a couple of presentation that I hope that they will be doing at our 2011 Provider Administrator Conference in Fishkill, New York.  Firstly, they have come up with some very cool ways of securing their laptops, and secondly there is the (rapidly becoming famous) “Bart’s Thesis on Thesis on Therap Caseloads”
:: Justin ::
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Configuring Breakfast in Bismarck, North Dakota

State Capitol, Bismarck, North DakotaState Capitol, Bismarck, North Dakotaue

Sazzad, Shawon, Tahseen, and I are out in Bismarck, North Dakota having a fine old time. While we are solving all the major problems of the world, we have not yet conquered the complexities of ordering an American breakfast. This morning Sazzad ordered his (with the usual 27 follow up questions to get it quite right), so when it came to Shawon, he just declared “I will have the same configuration”. Cue much amusement and a day spent applying computing terms to everyday life.

By the way, that’s another Capitol to me!

:: Justin ::

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Wednesday in Waterbury, Connecticut

Our friend Bill from Helena, Montana has a habit of sending us photos of the weather our there.  Today's was of the snow outside his office and the snow drifts a colleague had been dealing with.


I responded with a couple of my own and then realized that we are forever posting photos of all the great places we go, but never of sunny Waterbury, so here goes:


Therap OfficeTherap OfficeTherap OfficeT-Girl's poster is hanging on therap office door

Our office is actually under the Hairdresser sign (they moved out and we took over their […]

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A busy Sunday in Edinburgh

Church from Dalry Road

This morning started with heading off to church to St Martin’s, the church where I grew and Dad used to work.  Very nice to catch up with old friends and see some wonderful young kids running riot there!

Then off to Gorgie City Farm for the obligatory visit.  Sorry no picture of the red tractor, I was having too much fun talking to the pigs!

football gamefootball match

Then after lunch, Nick to his girls back to Milngavie and I headed off to see my friend Scott, his son Calum, and John (who I meet once a year […]

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