A week in Dhaka

Richard, Jim, Stephen and I have spent the last week or so embroiled in bunches of meeting over here on all sorts of topics, but sharing the goal of driving our system forward to bigger and better things.

I think we are coming up with some crucial and significant steps that will help the system connect within itself and with others and well as to continue to grow as we have been and more.

Yesterday, we took a bit of time to explore the city, and in particular getting down to the old town of Dhaka.


Historical place of old town of Dhaka

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System Status :: Looking much better this week

Today is my final day in Bangladesh, Iona and I fly out tonight.  You can see what Iona thought of her time here.  You’ll also start to hear some of the results of it in some new automated training that we are working on.

It has been quite a trip for many reasons.

While there are a few little issues left in 9.1 (notably the scanning module isn’t working yet due to what looks like some external compatability problems – we’re working on it, but it may take a few days) it is basically ticking along smoothly.

There are some functionality/design issue that we are looking at to do with SComm, T-Logs, and oversight caseloads.

One thing to be aware of is that changes […]

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Greetings from Dhaka, Bangladesh



I just arrived in Dhaka (three flights and a long time coming all the way from Buffalo).  It was very cool to be met at the airport by Iona and Rajiv.  Iona is all settled in and even met me in her Bangla outfit.

Now off to the office to get stuck into 9.1 and a bunch of RFPs

:: Justin ::

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Press Release: Therap Services Promotes Mozammel Haque to Project Manager

DHAKA, Bangladesh, March 4 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, a service bureau providing an integrated suite of online applications to organizations working with people with developmental disabilities, announces the promotion of Md. Mozammel Haque to Project Manager. Mozammel will have the primary responsibility of leading and facilitating different teams at Therap.

“Mozammel has made remarkable contributions to our success. Mozammel’s demonstrated success in implementing new programs and leading a team is ideal for directing the outstanding group of developers in Therap,” said Richard Robbins, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Mozammel joined Therap Services in 2006 as a Senior Software Engineer. Mozammel has over seven years of software development experience in different roles such as programming, designing, architecture development, systems analysis, team leading […]

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Mother Language Day

Tomorrow February 21st is Mother Language Day

To celebrate, you’ll see us using the Bangla version of our logo (pretty cool eh!)

Graphic showing Therap Logo in Bengali

You can read much more about the day in Saquib’s post on the Customer Support Blog

I actually visited the Memorial to those who fought for the right to speak Bangla on my first trip to Dhaka.

Picture of Justin in front of Shahid Minar

:: Justin ::

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Catch us if you can!

We are putting together our 2008 travel schedule and it’s going to be a wild one, so be sure to get in touch with us if you’d like to get involved or host a session at your agency.

Warren and Maureen are about to head off to Bangladesh for a couple of weeks.

Allison has trips planned to Maine, Oregon, and Washington.

Richard and Justin will be in Oregon and California.

Jim will be in Florida (several times).

Justin will be in West Virginia and Indiana

Maureen will be in Delaware

Justin, Richard, and Kara will be all over New York and New Jersey.

and… That only gets us into February!

After that we’ll be off to conferences all over the country […]

Back in Bangladesh

Our office in Dhaka was back up and running yesterday and we seemed to have come through this difficult time unscathed.

Masum sent us the following:

This was the longest continuous power cut I have ever
seen.  Except the power cut, damage in
Dhaka was minimal.  Casualties in the
country are low compared to previous massive hurricanes, probably because the
hurricane made landfall in the south and south western part of the country on
the Sundarbans, which is a thick mangrove forest with low human habitation.

What has been particularly touching is the number of our customers who have been in touch enquiring about our welfare and passing on thoughts and prayers.

All very much appreciated.

:: Justin […]

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News from Bangladesh

As you are probably aware, from either Allison’s blog or general news coverage there has been some horrific destruction in Bangladesh from a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.

Thanks to everyone who has either asked about or passed on concerns about our friends and colleagues over there.

Thankfully for the folks in Therapville (our offices are in Dhaka) the storms had decreased in severity by the time they reached there.  We are keeping in touch and everyone seems well.  We are particularly happy that Masum canceled his trip to St Martins this weekend!

There are some power and connectivity issues so you may see more of your feedback and […]

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