A quick visit to Oregon

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For photos out a plane window taken with a phone, I thought these were pretty good!

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with Anna in gorgeous Oregon this week.  The only downside was that we were so busy meeting people that I didn’t get to do much, if any, sightseeing.

I did though do a training for a group of state surveyors who are coming across Therap in more and more places.  they were very receptive to learning more about how Therap works and how they can better do their job working with our customers.  Remember, if you […]

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Looking back on our Pilgrimage

Today, the pilgrims from our journey to Scotland this summer presented to the rest of the church who had help so much with their support over the last couple of year.

I’m in the process of trying to convert their presentation from PowerPoint to video so I can post it and then I’ll share it with you.

What was particularly cool was how many people had followed the journey and felt a sense on connection through the pages of this blog.

:: Justin ::

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Day 10 :: Monday :: Going Home (in different directions)

As Dora would say “We did it, We did it”

There may be only twelve now, but they are on the plane back to the US.

This morning went remarkably smoothly under beautiful blue skies.

After breakfast, a couple of shuttle busses took us out to the airport.  A bit of a wait in line for checking in (bad news getting on a plane the day after The Open – I have never seen so many golf bags!)

Iona and I then posted people through security and we were able to head back on the bus to my folks.

Thanks again to everyone, and if you have any photos of the reception back […]

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Day 9 :: Sunday :: Edinburgh in the Sunshine!

As our pilgrimage draws to a close, the sun shone on us again! Having said that, as we headed off to church this morning it was still raining!

Church was at St. Martin of Tours in Edinburgh, the church that I pretty much grew up in and my Dad was the rector. The sermon was given by Michele and Iona who did a marvelous job of presenting who we were, where we are from, what we were doing, what we had to do to get here, and what we learned along the way. There sermon was much appreciated by the congregation and their fellow pilgrims.

After church we walked to my parents hours […]

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Day 8 :: Saturday :: Edinburgh in the rain

Well, it finally happened, I think that people were starting to doubt that the weather actually could be miserable here (or as the girls on the bus said “Do yous no think the weather’s rubbish here?”).

This morning started with a final Morning Prayer in the cathedral very nicely led by Helen.  This was followed by an equally nice final breakfast (with particularly fine toast).

We then headed down to for our final bus ride to our final ferry.  This was on the new ferry which was very fancy!

We then got the train from Largs to Glasgow where we got a bus to the other station in Glasgow where we got the train through to Edinburgh.  […]

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Day 7 :: Friday :: Work, Rest, and Play

Hello Southington (and whoever else happens to be reading this).  It’s Iona, and this keyboard is unusual.  The @ sign is down low and there’s a $ above the 4 and a £ above the 3.  Weird. 

Today we did a whole lot of work outside, cleaning the paths and the stairs outside the cathedral and generally helping Helen.  Everyone did something, either with a pitchfork, shears, shovels, a wheelbarrow (Dad: “The front wheel went round.”), or just their own two hands.  It looked a lot nicer when we were through.  (Dad: “Bryan and I did a whole nother section after tea!”) 

Then we went into town for lunch and out free day, and split into […]

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Day 6 :: Thursday :: Silence, dancing, and paddle steamers

Today started off very quietly.

From wake up until 10:30am we were silent save for morning prayer which Eric ran for us and was made all the more powerful for the silence on either side.  After breakfast we were given some tips on meditation and imagination and then sent off to be by ourselves.

On regrouping it was clear that this had been a significant period of time for all of us, whether or not we had discovered andything momentous.  Chris in particular was able to share his experiences with us all.

As we had lost touch with our bus driver who was going to take us to Stirling and decided that other options involved too much travelling (in some […]

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Day 5 :: Wednesday :: Glasgow

Today we were up bright and early for a cold breakfast prior to heading off to Glasgow.  Again we were left with a riddle by Beth.  This time it was about St. Mungo and we had to discover the story behind:

  • The bird that never flew
  • The fish that never swam
  • The tree that never grew
  • The bell that never rang.

We did get the answer, but it’s way too long for in here so be sure to ask your pilgrims about it we they return.

When we got down to the bus stop this morning we discovered that we had half an hour left before the next bus.  We made great use of the time with morning prayer on the waterfront in the morning sunshine!  […]

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Day 4 :: Tuesday :: Darryl and Debbie

An exciting little update today…

Having conspired with the rest of us (and half the staff at the cathedral) Darryl proposed to Debbie this evening when she thought she was coming in for evening prayer (thankfully she was on time today!)

Now, as many of you will know, they have been through this before (almost 30 years ago!), but took this opportunity in this thin place to renew their vows and provide a moment that the pilgrims will never forget and we all will treasure.  With music by Michele, Emily as Bridesmaid and Amanda providing a beautiful card as well as something blue (some beads). The old was her wedding ring, the borrowed, flowers from the cook, the new […]

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Day 4 :: Tuesday :: Largs and Vikings

Again, there has to be a “before I get to today…” bit

Last night after evening prayer (maybe 9:30pm-ish) a group of us (me, Bryan, Debbie, Eric, Rachelle, and Michele) went back up the hill again to watch the sun set over Kintyre.  Despite the clouds doing their best to hide the sun it was glorious, made even more so by the brightness at such a late hour.  We then too the long way back, walking another three miles or so, still in the light until well past eleven.


Today after our now normal morning prayer and breakfast we strolled into town to catch the bus to the ferry to Largs.  This was after Nancy shared her comment for […]

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