Join us on our Summer adventure.

By now, just about all of you in the northern half of the country should have received an email from Kara inviting you to join in on our great Summer Tour.

Basically it goes something like this: We will be in Oregon in May with a minivan with lots of computers in the back.  Our plan is to drive back to Connecticut while visiting as many customers as we can along the way.  When visiting we will be able to set up a “classroom” of 20 or so laptops in your office to do some real hands on training.  It’s a great way to get a lot of staff trained in a short time, so if you are thinking […]

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Iona: BE SAVVY 35: Tricks and Tips for the Terrific Traveler

Thank you to Therap for making this amazing summer possible. Thank you to everyone who has read or commented. The fact that my writing is proving useful in some way, even to cause others mild amusement, is amazing for me! So thank you


And now, some tricks and tips for the terrific traveler!

Driving a long way? Travel pillows are a must! Rental cars can have uncomfortable headrests. Travel pillows fix that instantly. They also turn a hard window or rough seatbelt into a comfortable place for a tired head to rest. Travel pillows are also small enough for easy storage, in cars, bags, or suitcases.

Headphones are amazing. In a cramped car, the […]

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Iona: BE SAVVY 34: Almost Over Now, Almost Over Now

Saturday morning we woke up very early to get ready to drive to the airport. Dad went down to get the car, and Mom called the front desk for someone to help with the bags. A man came up with a luggage cart. After he piled all the bags on it, we rode down in an elevator with him to the front lobby. He said that his shift was called the ‘graveyard shift’ because there were so few people awake at that hour.

When we got to the airport, Dad helped us unload the bags from the car, then he drove off to return it to the Hertz rental place. Meanwhile, Mom, Calum, and I tried […]

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Iona: BE SAVVY 33: Plungers, Powder, and Poker

Friday, Dad was off to work again, and Mom, Calum and I headed off to a different part of the hotel. This was the Midway. A circular walkway lined with arcade games and booths bordered an arena where mini circus acts were performed twice an hour.

Mom gave Calum and me some money. We played some more air hockey – he actually bet me this time! – then he went off to play various arcade games. I, on the other hand, spent a while watching the DDR machine.

After that, I played a very amusing and slightly addicting game for a while. The only place I’ve seen it before is Chuck. E. Cheese’s, a sort of little […]

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Iona: BE SAVVY 32: Let Me See You Dance

Wednesday night we were woken up by a dog barking in the room next to us. We called the front desk, but they couldn’t do anything about it since no one was in the room. We ended up moving from our ninth floor room to one on the second floor.

I really didn’t mind because:

1. It makes a good story.
2. I would much rather be on the 2nd floor.
3. The room was bigger.

And the funniest thing about the entire ordeal? Dogs weren’t eve allowed in the hotel!

Thursday, Dad went off to work. Mom, Calum, and I spent most of the day in the Adventuredome, a large domed room that was really a cross between an amusement park […]

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Iona: BE SAVVY 31: Not Another Dam Post!!!

Wednesday we drove from Kanab, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada. It wasn’t a bad drive at all, maybe four hours or so. On the way there, we stopped at Hoover Dam. Calum begged to do the tour, so we did. It was pretty cool. We went down in a huge elevator to see all the bits of the generators and things inside. It was pretty interesting, but all the ‘dam’ jokes a rather old rather quickly. That, of course, is the exact reason I had to put one in the title…

I can tall you this much; I am not mechanically savvy, so a lot of the facts being thrown around went […]

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There and back again, reflections on a road trip…

It’s strange to be sitting here at home finally rather than in a hotel room. Everything seems to have survived here apart from a musty basement and a yard that has been infested with crabgrass which I spent the day happily attacking.

Having spent the last seven weeks on the road with my family, here are a few of the things I would and wouldn’t recommend or do again:

GPS – Definitely a good thing

Not worth hitting a deer, but a great tool! In the car we picked up after trashing the first one on a Montana Deer we had the Hertz NeverLost GPS by Magellan. It was great! Once in a while it would send us to […]

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Going home…

After 7 weeks, about 9000 miles driving, 15 states, 9 National Parks, and countless wonderful experiences, we’re finally sitting at the gate in Las Vegas waiting to get on the plane back to Hartford.

Even this morning was a little bit of an adventure.  When we got to the airport (thankfully nice and early) there a queue about a mile long outside the Southwest door.  Despite some mumping and moaning form some fellow travellers, the queue moved quickly and we were in in plenty time.

I’ve had a nice finally couple of days with folks here in Vegas and up in Reno, but I am (along with Michele, Iona, and Calum) most definitely ready to go home!

See you there!!

:: Justin ::

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Iona: BE SAVVY 30: Much Ado About a Hat

Tuesday we drove to a place called Bryce Canyon. I was a bit unsure about this, because after seeing the Grand Canyon, nothing could compare.

As it turned out, nothing had to. Bryce Canyon was beautiful in a different way than the Grand Canyon. A lot of it was the color. Bryce Canyon was a startling red and cream that almost glowed in the sunlight poking around the storm clouds. It was filled with tall, natural rock pillars called hoodoos. Also, we walked down into Bryce Canyon, which was fun. There were tunnels through the rock, amazing scenery, chipmunks everywhere that ran away the second before dad snapped their picture, and a […]

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Iona: BE SAVVY 29: A Grand Life

Monday was what I consider the most amazing day of this entire trip. The day began with a drive out to the Grand Canyon. It was bizarre. As we headed towards it, a forest seemed to grow up out of the desert, until we were surrounded by tall, fire-scarred ponderosa pine trees. The air was heavy with expectation, but also with doubt. Was there really an amazing canyon hidden in this tangle of trees? Would it live up to expectation?

It did, and more. It’s kind of hard to describe the size and feeling of the Grand Canyon. It’s a lot like the traditional meaning of the word ‘awesome’, before it became another […]

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