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Exciting news, Kara now has her own blog as do a bunch of other folks from Therap Customer Support.  I think that this is a really great opportunity for you all to get to know Kara, Allison, Syeed, and the rest of us in Therapville.

So please go ahead and visit the other Therap Blogs and leave comments, but don’t forget about me!

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Time to show our stuff..

Today was the exhibit day, here at the INARF conference. We got to meet a lot of new people, as well as reconnect with our current users at Cardinal Services. They have been doing such a great job sharing information about us to other people–Thanks a lot guys! They did bring forth the idea of creating user t-shirts at conferences, that would say something like “Ask me about therap”–sounds like an excellent idea- I’m sold!
We’ve had a lot of activity today and we’re almost entirely out of DVD’s which is always a good sign. We also got to show our DVD during lunch when everyone was back in the ballroom. Can’t wait to […]

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1st Day @ INARF

After getting in @ 2a this morning, it was a bit difficult for me to get moving this morning, for the first day of the INARF conference in Indianapolis, IN. Not to mention, that the beds at this Sheraton are way too comfy. The event began in a large ballroom, where I had to fight off a few butterflies before getting up on the stage in front of a couple hundred people, to give a quick intro. for Therap.

Today was kind of like the pre-conference for us, as we couldn’t set up our booth until this evening. Already, several people have introduced themselves to us, and it was great when someone came over to talk to us, who […]

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"Life on Wheels"

This morning we saw a great presentation, “Life on Wheels, by Gary Karp. He is the author of several books and his presentation really was one of the highlights of the conference. Through sharing his own experiences, he really did a wonderful job in breaking down some of the stereotypes that people may have of those, who happen to use wheelchairs and really made the audience think about current perceptions of people living ‘life on wheels’. He was really funny, a great story teller, and an excellent juggler :) I would definitely recommend looking into his work to anyone.

After lunch, we then had a productive meeting with Jackie, Gina, and Jessica from a provider here in Tucson. […]

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Wild, Wild West…

Last night, we ended our evening by heading over to Trail Dust Town, which was pretty neat. It was a small site, set up to resemble an old west town with restaurants, cool shops, and an antique carousel. We even got to see a Wild West show which had a lot of stunts and a few explosions. It was pretty funny and I even found myself screaming out when the guns were fired. Afterwards, I thoroughly stuffed myself at the Macaroni Grill- I am a self-proclaimed pasta-holic.

Today we headed back to the conference and I […]

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A busy week for Conferences

If you are going to conferences in Arizona, Indiana, or Massachusetts this week, be sure to stop by and say hi!

Kara and Asif are at the CARF conference in Tucson, Arizona (hence all the cacti!) and are then heading up to Indianapolis for the INARF conference.

Syeed is in Hawaii for the Pacific Rim Conference, and little ‘ol me gets to go to Massachusetts for ADDP .

Even if you can’t get to one of these conferences, but are in the are and would like us to stop by, please get in touch.


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CARF and Cacti

Asif and I arrived here in Tucson, AZ late last night, and already I’m loving it. I’m obsessed with all the different shaped cacti and the weather is just beautiful. The temperature is perfect for me and the air just seems to feel better here. They’ve also got palm trees, so I was reminded of Florida, except it’s not so humid and there’s these lovely desert hills in the background.

This morning we headed over to the CARF Pre-Conference. With the first obstacle of setting up our booth out of the way (big thanks to Jim for giving me a run-through and Asif’s height), we were ready to get “therap-ing”. It was a couple […]

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The Black Hills

Sazzad and I are here in Rapid City, SD, and we definitely weren’t disappointed by any lack of beautiful landscape. We passed the Badlands on our way here and whereas Oregon had tons of sheep, South Dakota, has tons of cows.
This morning we went to visit at Northern Hills Training Center. They had a beautiful center and we got a great tour of the facility. I was particularly impressed by their woodshop. Very cool. After discussing various parts of Therap, we then had the opportunity to visit 3 of their group homes and meet some of the folks living there. I have to say that this is one of my favorite parts, meeting the […]

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Corn and Car Rides

This morning, we started off by visiting some very nice potential users in Mitchell, South Dakota. After a good session, we got some great suggestions for tourist spots in the town. So, our next stop: The world’s only corn palace. It was neat how they change the corn-decorated exterior each year, but I think I was truly expecting for the whole building, inside and out, to be made of corn. All I could think of, was whether the building would fall to a pile of popcorn should a fire ever start. After hitting a gift shop, we then tried to enter the doll museum, but unfortunately it seemed that the rest of the tourist spots we […]

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We made it!

So finally, after a cancelled flight, no clean clothes, and some time in Colorado, we have arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I was surprised that we were actually able to land last night, because the tarmac was covered with snow, and they actually had to come out and shovel us a path from the plane to the airport. Amazing! Luckily, we were able to retrieve all of our luggage and got an SUV to get us from the unshoveled roads of the airport to our hotel.

Today, we traveled over burgundy colored roads, through the snow covered plains, to meet with folks in Sioux Falls and Yankton. Sazzad and I met with DakotAbilities and Ability […]

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