Friday in Edinburgh

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It was actually a delightful day (weather-wise) here today, though for some reason, the same temperature here always feels much colder!

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I am having fun seeing how much my Droid can do despite not having phone service.  The answer is actually rather a lot.  Lots of Wi-Fi here and the GPS still works!

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Training with Jim and Sazzad in Topeka

If you are my friend on Facebook, you may have noticed me commenting on the fact that it seemed completely normal for me to meet Sazzad for breakfast in Topeka.  I’m sure everyone travels half way across the country to meet someone who has traveled half way around the world.

So there we were at 7am getting stuck into the latest possibilities for ISP plans, Hab Plans, MARs and more!

Then we headed off to see the folks at Kansas Neurological Institute where Jim worked on billing, Sazzad on ISP Plans and custom forms while I did some training on Health Tracking stuff.

All around, a very productive day.

Now it’s off to Indianapolis for […]

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Off to Kansas and Indiana

It’s the start of rather a long week as I leave New England in a horrible mix of rain and snow (the only good thing about which means that my soccer game this afternoon was postponed, so I won’t miss it).

First stop is Topeka, Kansas (unless you count changing planes at BWI) where Jim, Sazzad, Jeff and I will be working with the folks at the Kansas Neurological Institute. Then it’s off to Indianapolis for Side by Side IV.

See you there!

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Heading off to New Mexico

Richard and I are off on a quick trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico where we will join Anna for a presentation.

It’s a little scary how much we got done on the plane.  In particular I am very excited about the latest schedule for the Provider Admin Conference.

Lots more to come

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Quite a week

What a wild and wonderful week this was!

On Wednesday I presented to Surveyors and Quality Monitors from the State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services.  This was a great group of people, many of whom had been out doing inspections at homes that use Therap and they wanted to learn more about what data was available to them and how they could get at it.  We went through a lot of the system and obviously understood the benefits that providers are getting from using Therap.  It is important to remember though that it is the providers responsibility to be able to know where the data is an present it.

On Thursday I made a very similar […]

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