Welcome back Sazzad!

I made a remarkably quick trip down to New York today to pick up Sazzad from JFK (while Kara and Allison were busy ripping the office apart under the pretense of organizing!)

So, if you’d like answers to all those questions you had about ISPs, now’s the time, but be quick, his schedule is being snapped up quickly!

:: Justin ::

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The Black Hills

Sazzad and I are here in Rapid City, SD, and we definitely weren’t disappointed by any lack of beautiful landscape. We passed the Badlands on our way here and whereas Oregon had tons of sheep, South Dakota, has tons of cows.
This morning we went to visit at Northern Hills Training Center. They had a beautiful center and we got a great tour of the facility. I was particularly impressed by their woodshop. Very cool. After discussing various parts of Therap, we then had the opportunity to visit 3 of their group homes and meet some of the folks living there. I have to say that this is one of my favorite parts, meeting the […]

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Corn and Car Rides

This morning, we started off by visiting some very nice potential users in Mitchell, South Dakota. After a good session, we got some great suggestions for tourist spots in the town. So, our next stop: The world’s only corn palace. It was neat how they change the corn-decorated exterior each year, but I think I was truly expecting for the whole building, inside and out, to be made of corn. All I could think of, was whether the building would fall to a pile of popcorn should a fire ever start. After hitting a gift shop, we then tried to enter the doll museum, but unfortunately it seemed that the rest of the tourist spots we […]

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We made it!

So finally, after a cancelled flight, no clean clothes, and some time in Colorado, we have arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I was surprised that we were actually able to land last night, because the tarmac was covered with snow, and they actually had to come out and shovel us a path from the plane to the airport. Amazing! Luckily, we were able to retrieve all of our luggage and got an SUV to get us from the unshoveled roads of the airport to our hotel.

Today, we traveled over burgundy colored roads, through the snow covered plains, to meet with folks in Sioux Falls and Yankton. Sazzad and I met with DakotAbilities and Ability […]

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Winter Storm :(

Got up at 4a this morning and made it on a bumpy ride as far as Denver, where we are now stuck, due to a winter storm happening in South Dakota. The Denver airport, in general, seemed to be a mess–all escalators not working, and flight displays screens not working when we got there. What was also fun is they continued to send our luggage to SD, even though we can’t leave until late tomorrow night, and provided us w/ an ‘overnight kit’ (tootbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc) to get us through until tomorrow. Too bad there wasn’t an emergency outfit in that kit :) Much better to be on the ground and safe.
Hopefully, this doesn’t affect […]

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Blue skies…

So, today was the first day where we actually saw a bit of sunny, blue sky in Oregon. It would figure that the sun comes out and it stops raining for a few moments, on our last day here. Oh well, I still was much happier in this 40 degree weather than the 20 degree weather we left in CT.
We started our day with a stop at a nearby 50’s diner for some good, yet lumpy milkshakes. We then headed, by car, about 3 feet down to Sunny Oaks. I even entered the address into the GPS, not realizing that I could have walked there faster than it took to get my map uploaded. C’est la vie! […]

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Oregon Trail

Over the rainbow

It was a bit gloomy today in Oregon, but due to the occasional shower, Sazzad and I got to see a beautiful rainbow during our travels. It was funny, because if our GPS buddy hadn’t led us astray, we would have never turned around and caught sight of it.
After a nice photo-op, we continued on our therap journey and met with great people, who we had first met at the recent DSP conference. It’s been really great getting to reconnect with many of these people. Sazzad and I started off by meeting with Sheena and the team at Community Support Services, and ended the day by meeting w/ Sarah, Flory, Aaron and […]

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Oregon Adventure

Yeah, my first blog ever! Ok, so we finally made it to Oregon after a long day of bumped flights yesterday! Sazzad and I got to the hotel at 8p, Oregon time, w/ the help of our handy dandy GPS system (only got lost once). Thank you, Justin, for suggesting it!
Despite the neon green exterior of our hotel, the inside is really nice and we both were well rested for our visit to Shangri-La Corporation today. We met with a handful of very nice people throughout the morning and into the afternoon. The morning started off w/ a good McD’s breakfast, and with the help of our resident billing/supported employment expert, Jim Kelly, via web conference. […]

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Kara and Sazzad Go West

Kara and Sazzad are now in Oregon and will be spending the week there visiting Therap customers (or potential customers).  If you’d like to have them drop by just let us know.

They will also be in South Dakota and North Dakota next week.

Finally, they will be here!!!! Hopefully both Sazzad and Kara will be posting their stories and pictures here over the days to come

:: Justin ::

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