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A Rough Day in Therapville

As you have probably been experiencing, things have not been running very smoothly today with our application.

This would appear to have something to do with our release this past weekend, hence the reason for temporarily disabling T-Logs.

We are working hard to diagnose and fix the issues.

We appreciate your patience and truly regret the inconvenience and annoyance that instability causes.

I’ll update you when I have more concrete news.

:: Justin ::

UPDATE: 8:00pm Eastern: We have re-enabled T-Logs, things are looking good, but we are watching very closely.

UPDATE: 8:20pm Eastern: Unfortunately that didn’t work and we need to take T-Logs down again.

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BridgeGateHealth’s Clinical Exchange Platform Implemented to Allow for the Transformation and Exchange of Clinical Data from Therap to HIEs

Therap Services, the industry leader in providing electronic records and documentation in long-term care services for people with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities, has partnered with VorroHealth to facilitate the acquisition, transformation, and delivery of patient care data across Therap’s client base.

VorroHealth will implement a clinical exchange platform – BridgeGate Health™ – to allow for the transformation and exchange of clinical data from Therap to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) throughout the country to facilitate optimized coordinated care.

Therap’s initial connections will include:

  •     Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) with more than 1,200 participating hospitals, clinics & other health care related facilities.
  •     HealtheLink, the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) for the eight counties […]
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NASDDDS Conference in Kansas City

NASDDDS Conference in KC

Peter, Jeff, and I are at the NASDDDS Mid Year Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Apart from all the references to last year’s World Series, I am always delighted to come to Kansas City, I don’t remember ever having a bad meal here!

The conference as usual is fascinating.  On top of that it is great to see so many Therap state users here.

:: Justin ::


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Coming soon :: Therap 2016.2 :: Changes to ISP Data Grid

ISP Data Grid

At the end of this month, we will be releasing the latest update to Therap.  There are a number of enhancements coming which I will list in upcoming posts.

One significant change will come with the removal of the ISP Data Grid data entry screen.  It is important to understand that this does not remove or change any data or any functionality related to ISP Data, it is simply removing an older method of data entry.

We are doing this for a number of reasons:

  • The functionality of looking at a month’s data at once can now be achieved directly from Individual Home and a number or report variants.
  • The data entry screen and […]
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Have you tried the new Individual Home on your phone?

The new individual home which you can find by logging into our Beta release of Therap 2016.0 at https://beta.TherapServices.net is the first module showing our new User Interface (UI) which we will be gradually rolling out across the whole application.

Therap 2016.0 Mobile Login

The UI is designed to be “responsive”.  This means that it will configure itself to whatever size screen you are working on, even your phone!

If you remember what Individual Home looks like on your regular screen, it is something like this:

Individual Home - Home Top


On your phone though it looks like this:

Individual Home [...]
</p srcset=

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Coming soon in Therap 2016.0 :: Therap for Android updates

Along with our new web application, we will also be releasing a new mobile application (or two).

Let’s start with Therap for Android:

We’ve tidied up the login page a bit:

Therap Android Login

And look! There’s something new on the Dashboard, let’s take a look at T-Logs for Android:

Therap Android Dashboard

Tapping on the T-Log link will bring you to a list of unread T-Logs.  You can look at them all or filter by Notification Level.

Therap Android Select Individual

Choose the one you want to read and there it is:

Therap Android T-Log

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Monday at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland

As you may (or may not!) have noticed, I’ve been slacking a bit recently on the blogging front.

Hopefully, that is about to change.  We have our National Conference and an exciting release just around the corner, so I am going to have a lot to talk about!

Right now though I am in Edinburgh, Scotland in the cold and dark and rain visiting with family (and seeing Hearts win 6-0!).

Today my brother Nick and I took a tour around the (relatively new) Scottish Parliament building which was rather cool (and like Nebraska is unicameral).

More soon when I get back to the States.

:: Justin ::

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Live Help Currently Unavailable

10/29/15 4:00pm Eastern

Please note that our Live Help feature is currently down due to the unavailability of the Liveperson system.

If you need some help, please call, email, or use Feedback from within the application.

I’ll do my best to keep you up to date as things progress

:: Justin ::


Update: 4:45pm Eastern 

Looks like things are back up again, but we will be keeping a close eye on them.

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DSP Recognition Week :: September 13-19, 2015

DSP Week

Gov Malloy DSP Proclamation

Along with governors around the country (many encouraged by members of ANCOR), Governor Malloy here in Connecticut has declared September 13-19, 2014 Direct Support Professional week.

Given how many DSPs use Therap on a daily basis, we’re big fans, what are you doing to celebrate the DSPs in your community?

:: Justin ::

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Using Therap’s Scanner interface with Chrome

Google released Chrome version 42 sometime last week. In this version they have disabled  a feature called NPAPI by default. And in version 45 which is due to be released in September they will drop NPAPI support entirely.
This means JAVA applets will not run from Chrome v42 and onward. Which means that our scanner interfaces will not work.  We will be upgrading more scanner locations in our upcoming release to the latest version which is not impacted and the rest will be done before September.
The solution for now is to manually enable NPAPI support in Chrome.
Steps (if you have Chrome v42.):
2. Click the Enable link under Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows.
3. For your change to take effect, click the Relaunch Now […]
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