From the CDS Newsletter 

Participants work to learn more about the bridge between CDS and Therap during the recent conference in Murfreesboro, TN.

First, it was in Kansas.
Then, it was in Tennessee.
Next is Colorado.

The College of Direct Support (CDS) and Therap Services are getting together again in August in The Mile High City of Denver for “Side by Side Technology: Therap, CDS Training Conference III.”

The conference will be held Aug. 19-21 at the Denver Northglenn Ramada Plaza Hotel and Conference Center.

Joining the conference as sponsors and presenters will be Rest Assured Telecare Support Services and Web-Footed Friends Inc. Rest Assured was part of the second conference held recently in Murfreesboro, TN, that attracted 113 participants.

The first CDS-Therap conference in Overland Park, KS in the fall of 2008 attracted 100 attendees that brought together two industry leaders in the field of utilizing web-based technology to support people with developmental disabilities and educating and training a workforce to deliver the support services.

Rest Assured is a real-time monitoring system with two-way communications that started in 2001. Broadband wireless technology is used to link individual homes to a central monitoring station. Benefits include home safety and security, quick access to support when needed, weather alerts, and independence with just the right amount of oversight.

This new telecare service seeks to ensure the same level of safety and security for consumers.

You can learn more about Rest Assured at its website –

Web Footed Friends, Inc. is an applied research firm developing and supporting talent management systems in human services to get the right people in specific positions to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and industry capacity that fosters growth and enhances quality of consumer support.

The principals of the firm have had 30-plus years experience in psychometrics.  WFF has focused on organizational development for 15 years.

“Your Web Footed Friends promise to listen, to look at several alternative solutions to achieve your organizational goals and to recommend that action which we would take ourselves if we were in your situation,” says Linda Petrini, President of Web Footed Friends.

For more information about Web Footed Friends, call Petrini at 888-339-4955 or email them at

Randy Ellerman, Human Resources Manager of Beyond Abilities, attended the recent conference in Tennessee and had this to say:  “The conference was very worthwhile. We learned how to better utilize the tools that CDS has available. Our vice president, Josh Hundsrucker, was introduced to the Therap system, and has decided to implement it at our company.  The instructors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and made the conference fun. We were also able to meet many good people from across the U.S. in the field of direct support and share ideas.  Attending the conference was a very good decision for Beyond Abilities.”

Therap Services, LLC, based in Waterbury, CT, is a web-based service organization that provides an integrated solution for documentation and communication needs of agencies providing support to people with disabilities, especially developmental disabilities. It offers an easy and efficient alternative to the immense amount of paperwork that is done manually by the care providers. Within a few years Therap has extended its services to satisfied users in over 30 states in the United States, as well as Bangladesh and Nepal.

CDS is an online learning management system and curriculum used to develop, educate and build careers for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).  CDS is currently being used in 30 states, today has approximately 90,000 learners online at any one time of the day.  Also embedded in CDS is the College of Frontline Supervision and Management used to train managers and those considering becoming supervisors.  CDS is a collaborative work of the University of Minnesota and Elsevier/Mc Strategies.  CDS is headquartered in Knoxville, TN, and its curriculum is developed by the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration.

The conference is open to current users of Therap and CDS and also to non-users who want to learn more about both organizations.  There will be break-out sessions for users of each company and sessions for those interested in using them side-by-side.

Early bird registration for the three-day event is available for $150, and that includes the conference, materials and all meals. 

To learn more about the conference and register for the event, please visit and click on the “Conferences” link. For additional information, call 203.596.7553.

And mark down the dates of Oct. 20-22, 2009.  Our fourth joint conference will be held then in Indianapolis, IN.