In our summer release, we hope to complete the code changes needed to meet CCHIT compliance.

One of these changes is that users names be case insensitive.  Currently Therap user names are case sensitive (meaning Jbrockie and jbrockie) are two different logins.

We have talked to CCHIT to see if we could get a waiver for this requirement, but received the following response:

“Criteria SC 3.08 cannot be waived or modified. Case insensitive usernames are required to support interoperability across disparate system (including across different platforms). CCHIT’s security criteria are based on industry standards and have been subject to numerous cycles of public comments, and final approval by the Certification Commission. Any request to change the approved criteria or test steps must wait until the next public comment solicitation and the commission approval.”

We will therefore be making this change in our summer release.

There are a number of conflicting user-names in the system just now (3697 at last count!).  Over the coming weeks we will be getting in touch with Provider Administrators to let you know our plans to update these.

:: Justin ::