Therap Conferences

We are almost ready with the final schedule for the Provider Admin Conference in Fishkill.  I expect to publish it over the weekend.

One very exciting addition is from the folks at Community Living Opportunities in Kansas.  CLO are long time Therap Customers.  Who were at our very first conference, and I visitied way back in 2006.

They will be presenting on their HomeLink Service which includes:

Remote Supervision:
This includes supervision of persons who want to stay in their home but have a need for ongoing or as needed supervision. We have a central site in Lawrence that currently monitors over 40 homes for CLO in Lawrence, Johnson County and Southeast Kansas. They also monitor the homes in McPherson and will start monitoring in California this month. Monitoring includes have cameras in the common areas of the individual’s home (or areas they request), that have motion and sound sensors. When the camera detects motion or sound it activates an alarm at the central site and the monitor can address the event that activated the alarm. The individual served can prescribe what types of events they want our staff to respond to, and who should be dispatched for help. Systems can be set up so that the home is checked on a schedule, or only when an event occurs. Additional security alarms can be placed in the home such as on doors and windows to detect if an individual has left or come into the home.

Remote Behavioral Coaching:
We are also developing services to use the same system to remotely coach parents or teachers who work with difficult children or adults. We know that many times when we go into a home to observe, the behavior we want to observe doesn’t occur. Instead, we can have a family, staff or teacher alert us when the behavior is occurring, they turn on the camera, our behavior analysts view it from our central site and view how the family or staff handle the behavior, and then we provide feedback. We can also use cell phones with bluetooth ear pieces to remotely coach a staff person or family through a behavioral incident.

Remote Health Monitoring:
We are currently testing devices that will allow us to monitor seizures and/or incontinence at night. Our system, with the right equipment added, will allow us to check someone’s vital signs remotely to determine if they need immediate health assistance. It also allows us to watch someone take their medications to make sure they take the right medications, or to check an injury remotely to determine if the individual needs further immediate medical follow up treatment.

Yet another reason to join us in Fishkill!

:: Justin ::

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