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There’s a new College of Direct Support Newsletter out now which you can read here

There are a couple of articles of specific interest, one about our upcoming Side by Side Conference in Baltimore next month: 

Next CDS, Therap Conference
Set for July 27-29 in Baltimore

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·      The new Return on Investment (ROI) Tool.
·      A complete review of the new courses in the College of Direct Support (CDS) curriculum.
·      An up-close look at our new “Film for Thought” course “Body & Soul.”
·      And a look at our new Disability Intensive Course offerings.  

That’s part of what you’ll hear from the CDS at the July 27-29 “Side-by-Side Technology: Therap, College of Direct Support Training Conference VI” scheduled for the Holiday Inn Conference Center at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport in Baltimore. 

This event brings together the two industry leaders in utilizing web-based technologies to educate and train the workforce that provides supports for people with developmental disabilities. 

Three members of the CDS team will be at the conference — Bill Tapp, Donna Kosak and Bill Waibel. 

Therap and CDS will discuss ways to utilize their web-based technologies to educate and train a workforce delivering support services. The conference will feature multiple interactive sessions and workshops focusing on the services provided by Therap and on the curriculum of the Learning Management System offered by CDS. 

Some major sessions to look forward to will include: Training on Therap Applications, Networking with other Therap Users and Industry Experts and Sharing Ideas to Create New and Improved Therap Training and Support Materials discussions. There will also be some specific sessions for advanced users, system administrators and potential users of Therap or CDS.  

Click HERE to access the information about the conference.  It is not too soon to add this conference to your calendar for the summer. If you have questions, call 203.596.7553 or visit Therap’s website at 



and a very nice piece on  DJK Enterprises in Oklahoma who use both CDS and Therap: 

June’s Partner Profile:

DJK Enterprises Is A Small
Agency Doing Big Things

DJK Enterprises is a small agency in a small southern Oklahoma town of approximately 17,000 people that is doing some very big things in the world of technology and online training. 

This agency, which serves 45 people in four counties, began using the College of Direct Support (CDS) in August 2008. 

Damien Greenlee, DJK’s Director of Training, says that the old saying that “time is money” sure seems more and more relevant these days. “With constant funding cutbacks due to the current economic climate – in Oklahoma as well as across the country – it seems that any money an agency can save is a miracle. And The College of Direct Support (CDS) is a money-saving miracle for DJK Enterprises,” he writes in our June Partner Profile on DJK. 

Click HERE to read the full Partner Profile about how DJK is using CDS along with Therap Services and the “bridge” between the two technologies. 

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Damien Greenlee, Director of Training at DJK Enterprises, is shown here with Barbara Sanders, who completed all CDS courses required by Oklahoma and now works in their office operations. 

If you didn’t catch it in the article, be sure to read the “Partner Profile” all about how DJK uses Therap and CDS 

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