If you haven’t been to a Therap User Group meeting before, then June is definitely the month to do it.

At all the User Groups you’ll get a chance to talk with Therap staff and other Therap users. You’ll also get previews of upcoming releases and a chance to give your suggestions about the directions we should be heading in.

Apart from the Connecticut meeting, all of these are done on-line using phone and webconferencing. It’s a great experience, come and join us!

We have a whole bunch of them scheduled, including:

June 12th 11am EDT Nurses User Group

We’ll talk about how nurses around the country are using Therap, sharing ideas and challenges.

June 14th 12pm MDT Montana User Group

Come and discuss the latest events to do with Therap in Montana.

June 21st 10am EDT Connecticut User Group

Come on down to the UCP of Eastern Connecticut office to meet with other local Therap users.

June 23rd 1pm EDT TMS User Group

If you are using (or thinkng about using) the Therap Training Management System, join us to find out more and to learn about the enhancements that will be available in our 6.1 release.

June 27th 10am PDT Oregon User Group

If you are a Therap user in Oregon, or thinking about becomeing one, come and join the first Therap Oregon User Group and learn and share with your colleagues.

June 28th 1pm EDT National New Users Group

New to Therap? Come and share your experiences and learn some tips and tricks from other new users and Therap staff.

June 29th 1pm EDT National Advanced Users Group

Have you been using Therap for a while? Our experience shows that after a few months, users have developed their our procedures and techniques for working with Therap. Why not share what you have learned and pick up some ideas from others. We’ll also have Therap staff on hand to look at some of the more in-depth questions you may have.
:: Justin ::