I am really excited about this update, it brings a lot of the functionality we’ve been thinking about when we first came up with Case Notes.

There are basically two parts to it: Templates and Questionnaires.

Case Note Template


The template feature allows you to define your own case notes with the following options:

  • Define your time entry type (duration or in/out)
  • Define your own activities
  • Define your own locations
  • Select a Questionnaire to include with the Case Note

You can now have multiple types of Case Note in which case the user will select the one they want to complete.


Questionnaires are a new tool that we have developed as a plug-in to other modules.  You can read about them here.

This means that if you have a particular type of note where you might want the person writing to add some additional data (a review, a site visit, an audit, etc) you can create a specific note for that.

Case Note

New User Interface

You will also notice that we have move the module over to our new UI which means that it will work really nicely on smaller screens (T-Logs and ISP Data are next)

If you have Case Notes enabled, they will work as before with your existing setup as a “Default” template.

If you don’t have them yet, give us a call!

:: Justin ::