Along with the changes we will be making to the GER User Interface this summer, we are also changing the way that we handle the role which controls access to GERs with an allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

A N E Profile

This role is currently an agency wide one.  This means that it is assigned on the User Profile and once given it, the user can access such GERs for anyone they have access to.

A N E Super Role

We are changing it to being a Caseload based role so that it is assigned as part of a super role.  This will give you finer control over the access and also mean that it will work in cross-provider situations such as Case Management access.

In order to help you get ready for the change, we have added the check box for the new role to your Super Role screen.  Although it does not yet do anything, it means that you can get all your super roles ready for the change in advance.

Agency Wide Reports

There will also be a related change in Event Summaries.  If you have access to agency wide event summaries, the results will include A/N/E GERs.  For Caseload based Event Summaries, the results will be controlled by your super role.

Any questions?  Be sure to let us know.

:: Justin ::