Therap’s General Event Reports have always been a great tool for managing the incident reporting process.  The one piece of the whole incident management process that was missing was keeping track of the final outcome of the incident and investigation process.

In our next major release we will be addressing this with a feature called “GER Resolution”.  This is a form that is linked to the GER but controlled by separate permissions so that people who see the GER do not necessarily see the Resolution.

It is also available to work in both oversight and regular accounts.  Oversight accounts will be able to link to GERs from linked providers (who could also create their own).  Users at the linked provider level will not be able to see the Oversight GER Resolution.

Finding recent GERs without a resolution for is just one click away and as you can see from  the screenshots, we capture the data that you need to refer to or report on.

If you would like to try out GER Resolution for yourself, it is available in Beta.  Just ask us to turn it on.

Remember beta is available at

:: Justin ::

GER Resolution Screenshot

A full view of the GER Resolution Screen