New Ger start

The first of our exciting new features that I’d like to talk about is the new and approved GER which we plan to roll out this summer. Those of you who were lucky enough to be at our national conference had a quick peek at this. We’ve made several improvements since then.
The two most obvious changes are the move to our new User Interface (UI) and the change from a long scrolling form to a paged workflow.

Mobile GER  Mobile GER List
Not only is the new UI cleaner and easier to use, it is also what is know as a reponsive design. This means that it configures itself to the size of screen that you are working on, be that a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. This means that remote staff can easily create of review a GER right from a mobile device without all that pinching and zooming.

New GER Notifications
The paged workflow allows you to work on on section at a time:
1. Core fields
2. The Event
3. State fields (if needed)
4. Follow up

New GER Body Diagram
We’ve also made improvements in each of these:
⦁ You can now have an unknown time
⦁ The description field is required (with a shout out to Rhode Island)
⦁ We have a new body diagram rendered in HTML not Flash and displayed on the overall view and PDF.
⦁ If you have configured your notifications, these will now show as a reminder to your staff of who they should call. (I’ll talk about configuring which events are High or Medium in another post)
All of the other GER functionality and reporting is retained. We will work on GER Resolution and Multi Individual events in a future release.

New GER List
We have though updated the GER search and list. I especially like that filter box. Be sure to give it a try when we have this out in Beta in the next month or two.
For now though, keep an eye out for more training and materials to help you and your staff get ready for the transition.

:: Justin ::