I had hoped to get to some posts about our next release right after our National Conference, but was unfortunately smitten by some dreaded lurgy.  So, now I am (more or less) back on my feet, let’s get started.

The first thing that you will notice when you go to https://beta.TherapServices.net is our new Login Page.  This now gives us an opportunity to give you information without forcing you to click through too many splash pages.

You can click on the screenshots to see them full size.

New Login Page


Once you log in (remembering that this is beta and not production) you should start by heading over to Individual Home.  You’ll see that it has been completely reworked.  Our goal is that you can do just about everything you need to for an individual, right from here.  There are a few things we haven’t been able to include yet, but we’ll get there.

Individual Home - Home Top


You’ll see we have four tabs: Home, Profile, Plans and Case Status.  To the left we have a list of modules.  If you click on the module name you’ll have the option to enter new data, run new searches, or see recent data.  Note especially under ISP Data where you have one click access to a monthly grid of entered ISP Data.  Great for a quick spot of quality assurance.

You’ll see a list of current ISP Programs and counts specific to the individual (you can filter down to a single program by clicking on your name in the header).  Further down the page you’ll see upcoming appointments and active Service Authorizations.  Next to each authorization you’ll see a ling to collect data against it if the method is Billing Data or ISP Data (we hope to add Attendance and Case Notes later).

Individual Home - Home Bottom

The next tab over if the profile.  This is basically a readable version of the IDF on steroids!  Click on sections to expand them or choose to open them in the IDF.

Individual Home - Profile Top

Tab Three is the Plan tab where all the individual’s plans are listed along with start, end and update dates.  Again a great way to make sure that everything is up to date.

Individual Home - Plans

Finally we come to the Case Status tab. Currently this will display the programs an individual is enrolled in.  However we have big plans for this tab in Oversight and Case Management accounts.  Watch this space!

Individual Home - Case Status

I’m really excited to see how people will use the new Individual Home, be sure to check it out in beta and leave some comments with your feedback.

:: Justin ::