This morning, Sazzad and the ISP development team gave me my first tour through the new ISP Global Template Library.

It is very, very groovy!

Here’s how it works.

First you look in your own Template Library for an ISP Program that your really like and click on the “Publish to Global Template Library” button.

GISPL - Publish by you.

Then you can add tags and comments to the program (as can other Therap users from all over Therapville.)

ISPGL - Comments by you.

Other users can also rate your ISP Program and we’ll give it a star rating based on our own special algorithm.

Now that you’ve helped build the Global ISP Library, you’ll want to see what else is out there. As long as you have it turned on by your provider administrator, you will now see a new link on your FirstPage:

GISPL - FirstPage by you.

When you click on Global Template Search, you can do just that:

GISPL - Search by you.

The results will let you know what other people think of the templates you have found.

ISPGL - Results by you.

Now you can choose the one you want, comment on it, rate it, and copy it into your own ISP Template Library.

Watch out for more 8.0 stuff over the coming weeks.

:: Justin ::