We are expecting to bring out Therap Release 5.2.4 this weekend.

The biggest change that you will see is that there will be a new role available to you.

This new role is called IR Follow Up.

What we have done is split the IR Review role in two. After 5.2.4, when a user has the IR Review role they will only be able to add comments to an incident report before it has been approved. Users with the IR Follow Up role will only be able to add follow up comments after a report has been approved. Therefore, if you would like your staff to be able to do both, they should have both roles.

One more features comes with IR Follow Up and that is a Follow Up count on your FirstPage. Users with the IR Follow Up role will see a count on their FirstPage of all Incident Reports approved within the last 15 days but not yet followed up on.

Keep your eyes here for more details and some screenshots as well as notice about the actual release.

:: Justin