Dear Users,

We are happy to announce the release of version 2013.0 of Therap Applications. Check out the list below for details on all the new modules and features that we have included in Therap Applications with the release of Therap 2013.0.

  • Medication History
  • CCHIT Updates
  • Order module
  • Medication Profile
  • Individual Home
  • General Updates
  • Enhancements to the Therap Password Android Application
  • Multi Providers
  • Updates for Users in New York
  • Form IRMA
  • Form OPWDD 148
  • Referral– For Users of Nebraska and North Dakota

Medication History


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  • A ‘Delete and Copy’ button has been added to an already submitted Medication History form in ‘Approved’ status. This has been added to enable users delete the Medication History form and use the details in the newly copied form at the same time by clicking on a single button. The ‘Delete and Copy’ button will be available on an ‘Approved’ Medication History form if data has not been recorded for that medication in an MAR form. 


  • The Program Name and Individual Name will be populated in the Medication History form while copying the form using the ‘Copy current Form’ link or ‘Delete and Copy’ button as long as the Individual is enrolled in the particular program. 


  • Users with ‘MAR Configuration Approve’ role will be able to access Individual’s current MAR form in Configuration mode with a single click, using the link ‘Current MAR Form’ after successfully saving/submitting the Medication History form, provided that the MAR form is already configured for the current month. 


  • A message will be displayed on the Medication History form informing users to add linked diagnoses for an Individual before submitting the Medication History form. 


  • Users can now link the active diagnoses of an Individual while creating a Medication History form. Users are required to click on the check-boxes for linking the diagnoses to the particular Medication History form. As users are able to link Individual’s active diagnoses from the Medication History page, the ‘Link Diagnoses’ link will no longer be available once the Medication History form is saved. 


  • The linked diagnoses of an Individual will be copied while copying a Medication History form for the same Individual. 

  • System will display a Confirmation message listing all the fields of the Medication History form where values have not been entered by the user while submitting the Medication History form for the first time. Users will also be informed that once a Medication History form is submitted, they will not be able to make any changes to the form except for the ‘End Date’. 


  • A message will be displayed on an already submitted Medication History form in ‘Approved’ status, if data has been recorded for that medication in an MAR form. 


  • The Attachment added to a Medication History form will be copied to the new Medication History form that is created using the ‘Copy current Form’ link or ‘Delete and Copy’ button. 

  • ‘Dose’ and ‘Total Dose’ fields will now be text fields. This field will support a maximum of 20 characters. Previously, these were numeric fields supporting numeric digits only.
  • Medication History form with no Scheduled time added under the Medication Schedules section will now show dotted lines ‘—–‘ on the Medication History Form, Archived version of the Medication History form and on the PDF format of the Medication History form instead of being blank. 


  • The Form field has been renamed to Dose form and the Starting From field under the ‘Medication Schedules’ section has been renamed to Schedule starting from

CCHIT Updates

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Order module
  • A new text area named Description has been added in the Order Details form. Users are able to describe an Order related information in this text area. 


  • Approved Orders can now be marked as completed to indicate that an Order has been completed using the ‘Mark as Completed’ button. Users are also able to search Orders with the search criteria ‘Completed’. 

Medication Profile
  • Takes no Home Medication field has been added to the Medication Profile of an Individual. Users are able to indicate if an Individual takes/does not take Home medication using this check-box. 

  • Medication Profiles are now archived enabling users to view the archived versions of Medication Profile. 

Individual Home


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Users are able to navigate to the Diagnosis and Order Details pages from the Profile of Individual Home Page. Users are also able to view the Prescriber of a medication under the Active Medications section. 

General Updates

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Individual Data: 

Only users with the Individual Admit/Discharge role will be able to view the Worklist count for Individuals in the ‘Pending Admission’ status under the ‘To Do’ tab on the Dashboard. 

Demographic Report: 

With this Release, counts for the Individuals’ Ethnicity will appear in the Demographic Report. 


  • The count for Active Individual in the Demographic Report will appear if an Individual is in the ‘Admitted’ status and is enrolled under at least one program. If an Individual is in the ‘Admitted’ status but not enrolled under any program, the Individual will not be included in the ‘Active’ Individual count. 

  • Individuals’ ages will now be rounded down, and the Individuals’ Count by Age will be shown accordingly in the Demographic Report. For example, an Individual who is 5 years and 7 months old will be counted as 5 years instead of 6 years old. 
  • Romanian Language has been introduced for Therap Applications. Users speaking Romanian can use Therap Applications without facing any language hurdles. 

  • Custom Form 

    • Users will now be able to search for Custom Forms by entering the names of the users who have approved Custom Forms. On the Custom Form Search page of the forms that are imported into the system, two new fields Approved By First Name and Approved By Last Name fields have been added on this page. This will enable users to narrow down the search list for the Custom Form they would be looking for. 

Enhancements to the Therap Password Android Application

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The Therap Password Android Application now lists not only the ‘Active’ users but also the ‘Locked’ users, thus Administrators can reset locked users’ passwords using this application. If a locked user’s password is changed using the application, the account is automatically set to active and the user can log in to Therap Applications.

Multi Providers

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  • While searching for Individuals to link them with the Oversight ID, users will now be able to view the Individuals’ status in the List Individuals for Linking page. This will help the Oversight Agency user locate the Individual that needs to be edited using the Oversight ID. 

  • While editing an Individual’ link, users can view the individual’s status in the Edit Individuals Link (Using Oversight ID) page. 

Updates for Users in New York

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  • Information in the fields, ‘Date Discovered’, ‘Time’ & ‘Location’ are mandatory. Users must fill these in for successfully completing an IRMA form. They are marked with * under the Incident Details section of the form. 


  • Under the Initial Findings section, the Contributing Factor(s) will no longer consist of the factors listed below.
Animal Scratch Animal Bite Assault Dizziness Hot Water
Human Bite Ill Fitting Clothing Illness Insect Bite Other
Physical Altercation Seizure Self-Inflicted Medical Condition Unknown
Form OPWDD 148

If the This report is being provided to (Name): field is selected as ‘Other’ and the If Other field is entered then, the following fields will not be auto-populated on the PDF document:

  • This report is being provided to
  • Relationship to person receiving services
  • Phone number
  • Date initial notification was provided to person receiving this form

The above fields will be kept empty so that users may print multiple copies of the form and send it out to more than one person.

A ‘Note’ regarding this is also provided for users on the OPWDD 148 FORM

Referral– For Users of Nebraska and North Dakota

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With this release, if an Individual’s Referral is discontinued by an Oversight Agency user after the Oversight Agency acceptance then, when a new Referral for that particular Individual is again accepted by the Oversight agency, the deleted IDF of that Individual will update to ‘Pending Admission’ status.