Therap 2014.2 Coming Soon

We will soon be releasing Therap 2014.2 with a bunch of billing and state-specific updates.  Here’s the billing list so far:

Cost Center


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With this release, users (with Billing administrative privileges) will be able to add forty(40) cost centers under a single Cost Center Type

Screenshot of Cost Center Type 



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The Payer drop-down filed, will display payers sorted in alphabetical order by name. 

Screenshot of Payer 

ISP Billing


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  • With this release, the ‘Generate from ISP Data’ page will be shown in sequence of pages. Each page will display 100 services at a time.
  • A new bundle rule: For the total duration of all ISP Data per day has been added under the ‘Apply Rounding Algorithm’ bundle rule section.

Screenshot of total duration

Users will be unable to select For total duration of all ISP Data per day and Bundle for each day options at the same time
  • The comments section in Billing Data generated with ISP Data will display the bundle rule used during the generation of billing data.
Service Form


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  • Under the ‘Automatic Unit Calculation From Time In/Out’ section, a new option Half Down has been added for Rounding Algorithm. (e.g. 1.295 unit will be rounded to 1.29 and 1.296 unit will be rounded to 1.30)

Screenshot of automatic unit calculation

  • Under the ‘Authorized Units Per Period’ section of the Service Form, users will be able to select two (2) periods, as appropriate by their agency policy. For instance, ‘Period 1’ can be selected for monthly authorized units per period and ‘Period 2’ can be selected for yearly authorized units per period.

Screenshot of Authorized Units per period

  • Period 2 cannot be same as Period 1
  • For monthly Utilization Report, authorized units per month should be specified in Period 1
Revenue Code


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  • With this release the Revenue Code drop-down format has been updated.
  • The Revenue Code drop-down field will be displayed in Service form for Institutional Claim type. If Revenue Code is defined in the Service Description/Code form then, selecting the Revenue Code in the Service form will override the value provided in the Service Description/Code form.
Claim specific updates


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  • An option for sending rejected claims has been added for the Claim Submission section (for both Professional and Institutional claims)
ICF Billing


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  • Users will now be able to check or un-check the Use Leave Rule option in the Attendance Type Update page even after data collection. 


  • Validation Rules and Messages for ICF Billing have been updated.