In our next major release (currently scheduled for mid-May) will will bringing you some update to the Event Summary reporting tool.

Agency Wide Roles 2015_0

There will now be two roles associated with Event Summaries, the roles role is an agency wide one.  This will allow users to run reports across all individuals regardless of their caseload.  Access to this version of the Event Summary is on the Agency Reports tab.

Agency Reports 2015_0

Users with the existing caseload based Event Summary role will be able to run reports on up to 10 individuals at a time (based upon their caseload).  Access to this version of the report remains on the Individual tab, just under General Event Reports.

Event Summary Individuals 2015_0

Other than that, they remain more of less the same (we have actually done quite a lot of refactoring under the hood).  The page where you choose your fields to report on has been updated too, makes it easier to find the fields that you want and see the fields that have been chosen.

Event Summary Individuals 2015_0

You can try these and other upcoming features out by going to and trying out the Beta version of Therap 2015.0.  Be sure to read the two splash pages (I also advise you not to dismiss them).  The first will remind you about how the beta context works, the second will tell you what new features we have added there (there are still several more to come).

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

:: Justin ::