ISP Data Grid

At the end of this month, we will be releasing the latest update to Therap.  There are a number of enhancements coming which I will list in upcoming posts.

One significant change will come with the removal of the ISP Data Grid data entry screen.  It is important to understand that this does not remove or change any data or any functionality related to ISP Data, it is simply removing an older method of data entry.

We are doing this for a number of reasons:

  • The functionality of looking at a month’s data at once can now be achieved directly from Individual Home and a number or report variants.
  • The data entry screen and method do not reflect the standards that we hope to achieve with our move to our new, mobile friendly user interface.
  • ISP Data Grid does not link with an array of our most used ISP Data functionality including billing, mobile, and most of the additional checks and balances included with Therap.
  • We are seeing more and more requirements around the country for contemporaneous documentation.  ISP Data grid does not encourage this.
  • Very few of our existing customers use this functionality which accounts for a tiny percentage of ISP Data collected.
  • Much of the functionality originally envisaged for the ISP Grid is now to be found in the Time Tracking module

As we look forward to bringing you more and better applications, it is important to be sure that we are building on a firm foundation.  ISP Data is certainly a major pillar of what we do here at Therap with more that 7,000,000 records created each month.  This step will ensure that we can continue to expand its functionality.

While i understand that for a few people this will be an unwelcome change, I am confident it is the right choice for the system as a whole moving forward.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

:: Justin ::